Economy Minister Voices Support for Local Travel Agents Saying Funding Should Be Extended by Executive

Gordon Lyons has voiced his support for the travel industry in Northern Ireland saying he would support extending the financial scheme that had been rolled out earlier in the year

At a recent Executive meeting Economy Minister Mr Gordon Lyons MLA voiced his support for the Travel Industry in Northern Ireland, saying he would support the extension of “the scheme that had been rolled out earlier in the year”.

Damian Murphy from ANITA said: “Mr Andrew Muir (Alliance party MLA) raised a question on our behalf at a recent Executive meeting asking the economy minister what help he proposed to give the travel industry here in Northern Ireland to which the minister replied he felt it would be appropriate to extend the scheme that had been rolled out earlier in the year and that he would be supportive.

“We have had several discussions with members of the Alliance party and they have been more than supportive throughout the pandemic asking for support for our sector on a number of occasions.  It’s great to see our Economy Minister publicly voice his support for us and we now need our First and Deputy First ministers to stand up and throw their weight behind our cause.  We have made great progress in recent weeks in our quest for a second payment and we need to keep lobbying as best we can if we are to have any chance of getting this over the line.”