EasyJet Slash Cabin Baggage Allowance by Half

EasyJet are slashing their cabin baggage allowance by half

Budget airline EasyJet is set to halve its cabin baggage allowance for passengers.

This means passengers travelling on lower priced fares will have to pay extra to carry another bag.

The new baggage rule will come into force from February 10, 2021.

All passengers will still be allowed to bring a small bag for free, however only those who pay for a seat in the front of the plane or extra leg room will be allowed to bring a larger bag to go in the overhead locker.

In a statement, the airline said: “This will enable them to bring all the essentials for their journey or enough for a short trip.

“The limited overhead locker space on aircraft has meant that customers can’t always be certain they will have their cabin bag onboard with them.

“The new policy will also reduce queue times during boarding and other associated delays which occur due to putting excess cabin bags in the hold and so the move will lead to improved punctuality for all customers.”

There are a maximum of 63 upfront and extra legroom seats on each aircraft operated by easyJet.

The new limit for hand luggage is 45x36x20cm, compared to the current 56x45x25cm dimensions.