Easter Holiday Money Has Never Been So Easy

Thomas Cook Revamps its high-street holidays money service with the launch to its new Lyk prepaid card in retail stores

In advance of the Easter holiday getaway, Thomas Cook Money is making accessing holiday money easier with the launch of its new prepaid travel money card, Lyk, in the holiday company’s stores across the UK.

Lyk will replace the Thomas Cook Cash Passport, bringing additional benefits and features to customers.

Lyk launched online in November 2017 and represents a revamp of Thomas Cook’s prepaid travel money card. The card is the clever alternative to pockets full of cash, debit and credit cards, giving holidaymakers the freedom to spend and withdraw money across the globe conveniently.

The in-store application process is easy and available across Thomas Cook’s store network in the UK. To apply, customers simply sign-up in-store and the card will be activated, loaded with currency and be available for use immediately. Customers can then download the Lyk app where they can keep on top of spending whilst on the go. New options to pay are also being launched, including support for both Apply Pay and Touch ID on Apple devices so holidaymakers can simply use their fingerprint to pay and use anywhere that the Apple Pay logo can be found.

Lyk enables travellers to avoid any hidden charges when exchanging foreign currency. Customers can lock in the exchange rate each time funds are loaded or reloaded. They can also move money between currencies via the app to match their travel plans, free of charge. This means they can avoid inflated rates that are often offered by foreign exchange bureaus at airports.

The card is a contactless chip & PIN protected Mastercard, which is accepted at millions of locations worldwide, and can be pre-loaded with ten major currencies. It is easy to use overseas when making purchases and withdrawing money. If the local currency is not on the card, or there are insufficient local funds, Lyk will use an available currency balance on the card to pay the bill with no fees to switch between currencies.

The card offers customers peace of mind as the card can be frozen and unfrozen via the app and has 24 hour global assistance, including card replacement if lost or stolen. The card has a unique glow-in-the-dark “sunny heart” on the front that showcases Lyk’s personality in making holiday money simple yet fun.

Anth Mooney, Managing Director of Thomas Cook Money, said: “Holidaymakers often leave holiday money to the last minute, so we are keen to help them find the best deals quickly and easily. The Easter school holiday marks the first big sun getaway of the year, so launching the Lyk card in our high street stores will give holidaymakers greater freedom when spending and withdrawing cash abroad and help them to manage their budget on the go.”

There is a fixed charge for ATM withdrawals across the globe: GBP£1.50, EU€1.75, US$2.50, AU$2.30, CA$2.40, NZ$3, ZAR20, TRY5.40, CHF2.20, AED8.