Domes Resorts Opens First Standalone Fine-Dining Restaurant

Domes has proudly announced the opening of its first standalone restaurant, Makris by Domes, in the centre of Athens

Domes has proudly announced the opening of its first standalone restaurant, Makris by Domes, in the centre of Athens. Launched on 23rd September 2023, the new fine-dining restaurant marks a new, unique concept for Domes, as well as a new location and exciting direction for the brand. Domes aims to convert from a hotel and resort only group to a lifestyle hospitality brand, featuring not only standalone restaurants but also beach clubs and mixology bars in the future.

Makris restaurants have been extremely popular across a variation of Domes’ luxury hotels such as flagship Domes Miramare in Corfu. Now, Chef Petros Dimas and his team have set new sights on enhancing its offering with the restaurant’s first standalone outpost, enabling Domes to offer its signature à la carte and degustation menus to guests in mainland Greece. Athens has a buzzing restaurant scene, expanding rapidly in the lifestyle and luxury sector, with large investment into the city. Domes plans to make a mark on the city through Makris’s creative menu, positioning Domes as more than just a hotelier, now catering to loyal guests beyond the resort sector.

Makris by Domes is housed in a Neo-Classical three-story building in Thisio, with unrivalled views of the Acropolis from its elegant roof terrace. The ground floor presents a sophisticated and atmospheric dining space seating for up to 40 covers, and the impressive cellar extends further seating with a glass floor to view historical remains and artefacts, said to be the first inn in Greece, the Eleusis inn, lit up beneath diner’s feet. The remains were restored and respected by the architectural office Makridis Associates from Thessaloniki, while all the design elements of the restaurant were created by art director Stefanos Malamas. There is also an intimate private space above the ruins named Aktiki, the first name of Athens.

Chef Dimas has had a long and varied career working in Athens at Michelin-starred restaurants such as Varoulko and Hytra, where he worked as Chef de Cuisine. His next position was Head Chef at Dalliance House in Athens, until his culinary vision led him to London where he worked as Senior Sous Chef at the eclectic Aquavit. He then joined the team of multi-star restaurateur Jason Atherton and worked as Sous Chef at Pollen Street Social in London and Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz. He grew up in Athens, nurturing his passion for cuisine and nature through his father’s farm. Makris now sits near to his father’s home, with the very same organic farm supplying the restaurant with vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and flowers. Petros Dimas approaches cooking holistically, giving great importance to seasonal ingredients and the sustainability of the environment, with a farm-to-table philosophy.

Based in ancient Corinth, the organic farm removes intermediaries or long-distance transportation, and enables Chef Dimas and his team to control the quality of products, maintain a sustainable and seasonal approach, and personally select the freshest ingredients. Makris by Domes has also collaborated with local producers, to support the regional economy and promote community, culture and tradition.

Owing to this, the menu includes exquisite dishes that highlight the natural flavours and aromas of true Greek origins, inspired by the region and surrounds. The two degustation menus of either eight or 13 courses, with additional surprises from the chef, are inspired by the Greek land and produce. Guests’ culinary experience is enhanced by the restaurant’s collection of extra virgin olive oils from all over Greece, as well as the fine tea and coffee list consisting of rare botanical combinations and exclusive Taf Coffee blends. 250 wines from the Greek and international vineyards are also on offer, curated by wine masters Stathis Tsokos and Nikos Loukakis. Finally, the signature list of eight cocktails has been created to accompany the dishes of the degustation menus by award-winning bartender Christos Klouvatos.

Menu highlights include red mullet cooked with its scales, served with rockfish and pine nut, shrimp served with caviar and organic carrot, and silver cod carpaccio with Sigklino ham from Mani and San Michali cheese from Syros.

Dr. Giorgos P. Spanos, CEO of Domes, said: “Creative gastronomy is one of the leading expressions in the field of hospitality. At Domes we invest in the talent and enthusiasm of our people and support the development of their skills. Petros Dimas is an excellent chef, a mature leader and the ideal person for this very demanding project. We have long wanted to have a presence in Athens and all of the team at Domes are excited about Makris by Domes, and our new direction here”.