Covid Travel Tests ‘Should Ideally Cost Less Than $10’

The chance of being infected on board a plane is lower than that of being struck by a lightning, IATA Vice President says

The International Air Transport Association is working towards a testing system that will replace compulsory quarantine in a bid to revive the airline industry that has been so badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Conrad Clifford, IATA’s regional vice president for Asia Pacific said: “We need testing because we need to get rid of quarantines,” Clifford said in an interview on Bloomberg Television Monday. “What we’ve seen so far is if there’s a 14-day quarantine, it’s the same as closing your borders.”

Clifford said IATA would “prefer to see some testing before departure and ideally, if we can find countries with similar levels of Covid risk, much like Singapore and Hong Kong, then that takes away the need for further testing.”