Clifton House Exposes Darker Side of Hallowe’en

Clifton House in Belfast will be the setting for murder, betrayal and body snatching this Hallowe'en as the Belfast Charitable Society host an extra special Hallowe’en tour, guiding you through the macabre journey of those who now call, the famous Clifton Street cemetery, home

Opened in 1797, Clifton Street Cemetery is the burial ground for some of the most famous people in Belfast’s history, including Mary Ann McCracken and Dr William Drennan. It is also the final resting place of murder victim, paupers, and houses one of the largest famine graves in Northern Ireland.

With a unique insight into the darker side of Clifton Street Cemetery, learn about the trials and tribulations of those who once walked the streets of Belfast and who made significant contributions to making Belfast how it is today.

Paula Reynolds, Chief Executive of the Belfast Charitable Society and Clifton House said: “We host tours of Clifton House throughout the year, however this one is something completely different.

“The are some harrowing stories to be told about those who are buried in Clifton Street Cemetery and this is perfect for someone who wants to experience something a little different this Hallowe’en.”

Clifton House is an impressive Georgian Building which was built in 1774, originally Belfast’s first poor house, Clifton House and Cemetery is peppered with interesting stories of the past.

Paula continues, “All of our tours are very well received. Our experienced tour guides divulge the true story behind the deaths of the famous and infamous individuals buried in Clifton Street Cemetery and there are some amazing stories, perfect for Hallowe’en!”

The Clifton House Hallowe’en Cemetery tour will take place on Wednesday, October 31 October at 3pm at a cost of £6.50 per person. Booking is advisable by contacting the Belfast Charitable Society on 028 9099 7022.