China Begins Re-Opening Tourist Attractions

Life in China is beginning to return to normal as the number of new cases of coronavirus continues to decrease shining a beacon of hope on the rest of the world

Life in China is continuing to return to normal as the number of new cases of coronavirus continues to decrease.

In China, the National Health Commission now says that the virus has passed its peak.

Tourist attractions are begging to reopen in areas that were hardest hit by the outbreak as the country emerges from the countrywide lockdown.

With most borders around the world now closed and Governments globally introducing strict self-isolation measures for citizens, the world is looking towards China, and how it is emerging out of the crisis.

China is now undertaking the massive task or kick-starting the economy. Over 3,700 of China’s “A-level” designated scenic tourist attractions have now reopened and almost all the retail outlets have also reopened their doors.

In Shanghai, the city zoo and Botanical Garden have reopened and over 180 museums nationwide have also begun allowing visitors, however all guided tours are currently only digital and audio tours.

And while daily visitors are capped (2,000 people inside the Shanghai Museum and up to 5,000 at the China Art Museum), social restrictions are gradually being lifted to return to country to normality.

Visitors have also begun going out to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Southwest China’s Chongqing and a total of 55 A-level scenic spots will open for free in Hangzhou, East China’s Zhejiang province, before May 1.

During this period a booking system will be in place and the daily visitors’ volume will not exceed 50 percent of the maximum daily carrying capacity in these spots.