Boots Offers Holidaymakers Pre-Flight Covid-19 Tests

Boots chemist is launching a high speed Covid test for travellers that show results in 12 minutes

Boots chemist are offering a private Covid-19 testing facility, a service that will be launched over the next few weeks.

The swab testing will be available at £120 initially, a price tag that could potentially be reduced according to demand.

Boots Chief Executive, Sebastian James said: “We believe we are the cheapest private test. We think it is pretty good value compared to others on the high street, which range from £270 at the very expensive end to £150 in online clinics.

“I’m hoping lots of people will want to do it and if they do, then we can make to price more accessible.

“We don’t want to make a profit out of it, we are just covering our costs as there is a big upfront outlay for all the kit.”

Boots have launched a 48-hour testing service in 10 stores throughout the mainland with ambitions of extend to upwards of 50 more outlets UK wide. The swab testing is hoped to extend to 200 stores as demand rises in the coming months.