“Booking with a Travel Agent is the Future” Says This Morning Host Eamonn Holmes

This Morning host Eamonn Holmes has thrown his support behind travel agents, telling viewers that "booking with a travel agent is the future"

TV presenter Eamonn Holmes advised ITV viewers to book with a travel agent to make sure their money was secure in the event of something like Covid happening again.

He said: “You know what this does to me? This makes me think surely from here on in, it strengthens the hand of travel agents.queries.

“The old fashioned thing where you could lift up the phone and call your local travel agent and say ‘look, what’s happening?’ and you’ve got a point of reference.

“The more we get through this horrible, horrible crisis, the more it’s clear that booking a proper package holiday, through a real human travel agent who you can look straight in the eye, is a really good way to maximise your protection when things start going a little bit wrong.

“It was seen as the past – but it’s the future.”