Blue Insurance CEO Calls on Government to Lift 14-Day Quarantine

CEO of Ireland's leading travel insurance provider calls on Government to ease non-essential travel restrictions and 14 days quarantine

Ciaran Mulligan, Managing Director of Blue Insurance is calling on the Government and Department of Foreign Affairs to ease the “non-essential travel restrictions” currently being imposed on travellers looking to travel abroad for business or leisure trips.

Ciaran said: “Unless the Department of Foreign Affairs lifts its advice of non-essential travel then travel insurance policies will not cover people travelling abroad. Our current travel insurance policies for Blue Insurance & will provide medical cover in the event that policyholders contract Covid-19 whilst abroad but only if the Department of Foreign Affairs advises that it is safe to travel to that country or region.

“With travel now opening up around Europe and Irish people looking to go abroad, they need the reassurance their policies will cover them. The Travel Industry, which is in dire circumstances at the moment needs to see this non-essential advice being eased now.

“The Irish Travel Industry is also calling on the Government to review the quarantine restriction of 14 days when returning from abroad. Safety for people in Ireland is of the utmost importance but unless these quarantine restrictions are lifted sooner rather than later, many people will not be able to take their holidays abroad this summer, even those who have already booked months ago prior to Covid-19. Furthermore, some businesses will not be able to allow their employees to work from home during the 14 days quarantine period, which will prevent them from travelling in the first place,” he added.