Bigger Discounts Being Offered to Encourage 2019 Bookings

UK travellers are being enticed to book  with bigger discounts for their 2019 package holidays compared to a year ago, according to a new survey

Discounts for 10 popular holiday destinations are at least 15 per cent bigger than they were this time last year, with discounts at one destination 59 per cent higher than 2018.

Online travel agent Holiday Hypermarket analysed average discount levels for popular package holiday locations in 2019 and compared them to savings in 2018.

Montenegro saw the biggest increase in average discounts for package holidays in 2019, followed by Tunisia and Bulgaria. The average discount for bookings to Montenegro was 59 per cent higher than the same period in 2018.

The average saving for Tunisia was 43 per cent more than last year, with Bulgaria seeing the value of discounts grow by 34 per cent.

Craig Duncan of Holiday Hypermarket said: “Our review of discount data covers many of the largest package holiday operators and shows clear evidence of bigger savings for holidaymakers.

“Rising discounts are helping to generate more interest and more bookings, especially to non-euro holiday destinations such as Bulgaria, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey.

“Spain is still our overall top selling destination and, with fabulous discounts available, Montenegro is our pick for people looking for somewhere a little bit different.”

The year-on-year growth in average discounts, which include all savings taken from the holiday’s launch price, are as follows:

Montenegro +59%; Tunisia +43%; Bulgaria +34%; Spain & Islands +29%; Egypt +26%; Croatia +23%; Portugal +22%; Greece +21%; Cyprus +19%; Turkey +17%