Bespoke Excursions Sails into Port

Created to provide discerning travellers and cruise ship passengers with tailor-made excursions worldwide, far from the groups and busses provided by traditional destination tours, Bespoke Excursions boasts an enviable network of luxury service providers around the world

Conceptualised by two travel professionals with decades of combined experience in management of hotels and the provision of destination management services around the world, Bespoke Excursions came to life in late 2018

Working exclusively B2B through travel agents and tour operators, Bespoke Excursions custom designs each travel itinerary based on the interests of the traveller. Private cars, personal guides, and a schedule to suit the individual.

Cruise ship passengers are just one of the niche markets served by Bespoke Excursions. The thirst for cruising continues to grow year on year, with over 80% of passengers citing the interest in sampling a new destination as their primary reason for selecting a cruising holiday.

Whilst demand for luxury cruises on smaller vessels is growing rapidly, the number of experienced travellers on larger cruise ships also continues to grow. It is to both these target audiences that Bespoke Excursions appeals: well-travelled passengers who have little desire to wait in line to board busses, or endure group visits to sites already seen. Dedicated guides in each destination will ensure that the pace matches that of the passenger, that the sites are unique and off the well-worn path, and that the guest receives maximum benefit from the time on-shore. Bespoke Excursions guests do not simply visit a destination, they immerse themselves in a complete experience touching all five senses, discovering the true culture of the destination.

With 25 million annual cruise ship passengers expected in 2019, and Germany and the United Kingdom leading the growth, the Mediterranean and Northern Europe are amongst some of the most popular destinations, but interest continues to grow in longer voyages, further afield. No destination is too near or far for the Bespoke Excursions team, and no guest request too complicated, whether as a cruise passenger, or simply a well-travelled explorer looking for unique adventures.