Belfast Band RHINOS To Headline New Show At Oh Yeah Centre

Renowned performers Paul Currie and Brendan Scullion, AKA RHINOS, will take to the stage at the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast next week for their first headline show in the city

Renowned performers Paul Currie and Brendan Scullion, AKA RHINOS, will take to the stage at the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast next week for their first headline show in the city.

Comedian Paul and drummer/percussionist Brendan (NI Soul Troop) who formed the band in 2013 have teamed up with local promoter Smashing Buttons to bring fans a unique show “influenced by garage rock, heavy metal, dub, psychedelic rock, blues, punk rock, progressive rock, soul, jazz, experimental rock with a jamming approach and unusual song structures” said Tina Kelly of Smashing Buttons.

Supported by LipGloss and The New Normal the show on Wednesday, March 29 is set to be an explosion of garage punk and psychedelic rock with a wide range of influences from Dub, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Hardcore and Glam Punk.

Paul explained: “I’ve been playing in bands since 1991 in Belfast but this is 100% the best band I’ve ever played in.

“There are only two of us but we’re creating the sound of four people on a stage, which is unbelievable. We’re just pulling together all our resources, the two of us.”
This new EP launch and showcase comes after Paul had been left without a drummer and almost gave up on music altogether last October, until by complete coincidence, through a friend of a friend, he met Brendan.

“I’d given up on any music and then along came Brendan who is not just a drummer but a percussionist and he has a humongous eclectic taste in music which is coming out in RHINOS. Previous drummers have just been heavy metal or rock drummers but Brendan is a completely different style of drummer and it’s really showing in the songwriting,” explained Paul.

He added: “It’s because of Brendan’s skill as a percussionist and a drummer, as well as a songwriter in his own right and a singer. I’m also using my voice in different, unusual ways. We’re writing songs with unusual song structures but it’s all essentially garage punk and psychedelic rock with a big wide selection of influences that we’re channelling into this band of just two people.”

Throughout the night, audiences will hear music which explores Paul’s personal experiences with bullying, coming out and issues facing the LGBT+ community, all topics that are very important to RHINOS.

He said: “A lot of the songs are written about me having been bullied a lot as a kid and coming out just last year as queer and bisexual. That’s what we are as a band. As the main songwriter that’s what I’m writing about and where the anchor and my anger is coming from.

“I spoke about that in my standup comedy – about being Queer and Non-Binary and Bi and part of the whole LGBT+ community and it’s very important for me to stand up and talk about that openly now. Not be in the closet anymore and openly sing about that in my music.”

Tina Kelly of Smashing Buttons said the show will launch the band’s self-titled EP Rhinos showcasing new music from the band as well as some old favourites.

She added: “RHINOS are one of Belfast’s most exciting bands, every show is full of vibrancy and energy. Not only will fans old and new get the chance to witness a unique and exciting show but they’ll get the chance to hear some fantastic support acts in LipGloss and The New Normal.”

RHINOS with support from LipGloss and The New Normal kicks off at 7.30pm, Wednesday, March 29 at the Oh Yeah Music Centre. Tickets for the event are £7 and are available from Eventbrite