BA Chief Executive Urges Government to “Work With Us, Not Against Us”

British Airways Chief Executive has urged the government to listen to the travel industry saying "work with us, not against us"

British Airways Chief Executive Alex Cruz has urged the government to work with airlines, not against them.

He said the airline industry will only survive if the UK government works with it and takes action to implement airport testing.

In a recent Telegraph article, CEO Alex Cruz said: “These are the toughest times in the history of the aviation industry.

“British Airways can survive, but only if the Government will work with us, rather than against us.

“What is hugely frustrating is that we know people want to travel, to fly, whether to see friends or family, to see business contacts face-to-face, or to recharge on the beach.

“But without a rigorous, reliable coronavirus testing programme – together with a sensible approach to quarantine – people’s plans are being unnecessarily grounded.

“British scientists are leading the way in developing reliable coronavirus tests which could be used to enable the UK to start trading effectively again.

“Airports like our home Heathrow have testing stations set up and ready to go, but their teams are standing idle waiting while our Government sits on its hands.

“Thirty other countries have introduced airport testing to unlock the problem, so my question to Government is, why can’t we?

“Ministers must work with international partners to agree on a universal arrivals and departures testing process. Just as safety agreements are mutually recognised internationally, so should health standards.”