ANITA Call for Urgent Dialogue over Latest Travel Rules

Association of Northern Ireland Travel Agents urge Executive to engage in talks to plan ahead

As Northern Ireland continues along its route out of lockdown restrictions there continues to be much confusion around where we can and cant travel to.

Interim chairman of ANITA Damian Murphy gave us their thoughts: “It is great to see that Northern Ireland is continuing on a careful, well measured but very positive path out of lockdown – however the same cannot be said for travel with current advice remaining vague at best and in some cases non existent. People in England have been told they can now travel freely throughout the UK (provided the other nations will accept them).

Its great that people can now travel within the common travel area to visit family and friends -provided they stay in their homes – if you want to go on a short break to London the advice is not to and if you do you must isolate in your return. Foreign travel did not even get a mention in yesterdays briefing leaving everyone here wondering what our current rules are. Both England and Scotland have adopted the traffic light system and Wales have indicated they will also do so in 3 weeks- but we have heard nothing. ANITA are calling on the Northern Ireland executive to engage in talks now to help us all start to plan ahead.

As the world of travel slowly starts to re-open it is vital that any advice is given in a clear and timely manner allowing everyone to make plans going forward. We are simply asking the executive to confirm if they will be adopting the same traffic light system as the rest of the UK and if they are, when it will come into force”