American Tourists Returns Stolen Artefact

An American tourist has returned an artefact stolen from Rome in 2017

An American tourist who stole a piece of ancient marble from Rome in 2017 has returned it, asking forgiveness “for being such an American a******”.

The tourist took the piece of marble while on holiday in Rome in 2017 thinking it would make a nice gift for her boyfriend. She had written “to Sam, love Jess, Rome” on it in marker pen.

However, she now realised she should not have taken the object, and returned it to the Museo Nazionale Romano.

A letter sent with the artefact reads: “I would like to return this rock to its rightful place.

“Please forgive me for being such an American a******. I took something that was not mine to take. I feel terrible for not only having taken this item from its rightful place, but having written on it as well.

“That was extremely wrong of me.”

The artefact is believed to have come from the Forum, once the heart of the Roman empire.

The Director of the museum, Stephane Verger, applauded the gesture, saying he appreciated the fragment being sent back.