Amadeus Streamlines Digital Health Verification

Amadeus has added new capabilities to Traveler ID, a secure platform for its travel provider customers that digitises and automates traveller identification and document validation

Amadeus’ Traveler ID platform connects the health certification touchpoints end-to-end, integrating multiple stakeholders and providing a secure and frictionless way for passengers to show they have the health documentation needed to travel.

For airlines and airports, this solution can be integrated directly into their own digital channels. It sits natively within their IT systems, meaning travellers don’t need to be redirected to unfamiliar third-party apps in order to verify their health documentation.

It can be used by the passenger either before departure or while at the airport, when checking in at the airline desk, at a self-service kiosk or bag drop.

This new capability, which is agnostic for any airline PSS, can easily be integrated into airline systems as a standalone option without having to contract the full Traveler ID platform.

Amadeus is integrating this solution with multiple health information aggregators, such as CommonPass and ICC AOKpass , to enable travellers to retrieve digital records through the provider of their choice, without leaving the airline website, mobile or app.

“Self-service check-in is a fundamental step for passengers to flow smoothly through an airport and onto a plane. Yet the current need for manual checks of health documentation, while maintaining social distancing, means that some of our airline customers currently require around 90% of their usual check-in staff to process just 30% of passengers,” said Monika Wiederhold, Amadeus’ Global Program Lead for Safe Travel Ecosystem, and EVP Airlines Central & Eastern Europe.

“Traveler ID’s new capability allows a passenger to show required health documentation in a secure and automated way, by adding it digitally into the airline or airport system.”