Airlines Owe Travel Agents up to €30 Million

Airlines still owe travel agents up to €30 Million in refunds, according to a new report

A new report has brought to light the fact that travel agents are still out of pocket to the tune of €30 Million – the amount that has still be be refunded by airlines.

Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) CEO Pat Dawson told the Oireachtas Transport Committee that travel agents have just been “burning cash” over the last six months, adding that most of their time has been spent “trying to get refunds from airlines.”

According to Mr Dawson it is taking four to five months to obtain refunds from airlines with some flights from March still not refunded.

He also said that many airlines chose to fly empty flights this summer because it was “cheaper to fly than cancel the flights.”

He called on the government to ensure customers are refunded for flights that go-ahead when they are being asked to avoid non-essential travel.