Airline Crew to Wear Tracking Devices

Singapore Airlines crew wearing tracking devices on overseas layovers

Singapore Airlines has announced that its crew members will need to wear tracking devices.

The devices monitor their real-time location to make sure they remain in their hotel room and do not physically interact with each other or locals.

In a statement, Singapore Airlines said: “We remain guided by the authorities and will work closely with them to make adjustments, if necessary, in order to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers during our flights.”

Alan Tan, President of the Singapore Airlines Staff Union, said flight crews are complying and understand the reasons behind the precaution.

“If you fly for 16 to 18 hours to reach New York, then have to stay in a room alone, it can be quite tough, but the crew understands that this is necessary.

“All crew who have operated to high-risk destinations must self-isolate until they receive negative results from the three swab tests that they have to take on arrival, and on the third and seventh day after arrival.”