Airbnb Offers 12 Individuals a Free Stay for a Year

Airbnb has launched a new initiative - 'Live Anywhere on Airbnb - offering a year of free stays to 12 lucky participants

Airbnb is seeking 12 participants to take part in a new ‘Live Anywhere on Airbnb’ initiative.

Airbnb will cover the cost of the accommodation and provide an allowance for transportation to each participant for the duration of the program.

In return, participants are asked to share their experiences and provide real world insights on features, services, and the experience of nomadic living.

The program will run over 12 consecutive months from July 2021 to July 2022.

The program is open to everyone from young families to remote workers, creatives, empty nesters or anyone else who would like to have the experience.

Participants who choose to host their primary residence on Airbnb during the program will be able to test the experience and opportunity of hosting while living nomadically, by potentially earning extra money while they travel.

Each participant will be allowed to bring up to three companions.