ADVISORY WARNING: Do Not Lick Your Screen… Grenada Chocolate Festival Goes Virtual Throughout May

The annual Grenada Chocolate Festival has been turned into a virtual event running throughout May

Chocolate experts, chocolatiers and food bloggers from around the world will share tasting tips, recipes for food, drink and beauty products and trace the history of chocolate from the Aztecs to the chocolate bars of today thought May as the Grenada Chocolate Festival goes virtual.

Sessions on offer include:

  • How to make Grenadian Cocoa tea with food and travel blogger, Heidi Roberts, and Emmelyn Williams from the House of Chocolate in Grenada
  • London-based chocolatier and founder of Rococo Chocolates, Chantal Coady, will recount the story of Mott Green who pioneered the concept of tree to bar that led to Grenada becoming the first Caribbean island to make chocolate where the cocoa beans are grown
  • Make drinking chocolate like an Aztec with chocolatier Daniel Reza from La Rifa in Mexico. Daniel will also talk about the history of chocolate from the Aztecs to the chocolates bars we know today
  • Learn how to taste fine chocolate under the guidance of Belgian chocolatier, Sophie Vanderbecken from Le Cameleon in Mexico
  • Hazel Lee, Chocolate judge, cocoa adventurer, consultant and chocolate educator from the UK will show how to taste chocolate using her unique Taste with Colour flavour map
  • Grenadian blogger, Sheba Augustine will talk about the health benefits of chocolate and show how to make beauty products using chocolate and other natural ingredients
  • Mix up a chocolate cocktail under the guidance of a bartender from the True Blue Bay Boutique Resort on Grenada