Advantage Praises Saga for Compulsory Vaccination Support

Advantage Travel Partnership has praised Saga for its move to make vaccinations compulsory for customers

Advantage Travel Partnership has praised Saga for saying that all its customers must be vaccianted two weeks before their departure date.

Chief Executive Julia Lo Bue-Said said: “Our industry is in a desperate state so anything we can do to support confidence, and help customers with confidence….and what Saga has done is just that.

“It’s a short-term measure to ensure that age group have the confidence to travel, and they are desperate to do that.

“That’s a really positive bit of a news, and anything that enables us to get back to some sort of normality is positive and I fully support it.

“Saga attracts a particular demographic and for their age group, the majority of which are in the at-risk category, then I think it suits that demographic and fills them with confidence.

“But I don’t think the vaccine is the silver bullet, certainly not for the travel industry. It’s a moment in time, and a measure to enable us to resume travel safely when the time is right.

“It has to go hand-in-hand with other measures, other protocols. We have got to see a combination of things to make us feel confident about we go about our business.

“It’s great what we do now….but you are going to destinations where maybe the generally safety protocols are not as great as what we have, so how is that controlled and how is that going to be managed, and how do we ensure we provide customers with safety and confidence?”