A La Carte ou Table d’Hȏte at Bistro Africa

British-owned-and-run Riad Africa, located in the heart of the Marrakech medina, has opened a new, in-house Bistro, enabling both guests and non-residents the chance to enjoy authentic and classic Moroccan dishes

A new Moroccan chef who has been perfecting his art over many years has created both a Table d’Hȏte and A La Carte menus – plus one for vegetarians and one for children.

Comments Nick Anstead, the English owner of Riad Africa: “Morocco is a fabulous country to visit but some of the local restaurants here in Marrakech can be a bit hit and miss. The obvious answer for us, was to create an in-house restaurant, with an excellent chef, so that our guests are guaranteed a high standard of cuisine for every meal.

“In addition to including many of the tradition dishes that Morocco is known for, we also offer a choice of familiar, international dishes – including various pasta options plus staples such as fish and chips – which is particularly important when catering for children who do not always take well to a dramatic change in diet.”

All meat, vegetables and fruit at Bistro Africa are purchased directly from sellers in the nearby market as part of the owner’s responsible tourism ethos in support of the local community.

There are options for light lunches, or a more in-depth Moroccan menu for dinner, providing the opportunity to sample a wide range of traditional dishes all cooked to the highest of standards, and served in the newly built, stylish restaurant.

Dishes from the Table d’Hȏte menu include Soup de Harira (Moroccan spicy soup), Pastilla au Poulet aux Olives et Champignons (chicken pastilla with olives and mushrooms), and Assortiment de Salades Marocaine (traditional Moroccan salads).

There is also a choice of five different types of the country’s most famous dish, the tagine* – named after the vessel in which it is cooked – including Tagine de Boeuf aux Pruneaux, Tagine du Berbere avec de Poulet ou du Boeuf, and Fez Tagine de Poulet aux Poivrins et Legumes.

Desserts include Fruits de la Saison, Pastilla au Lait et aux Amandes (Sweet pastilla with milk and almonds) and the simple yet very tasty traditional dish of Orange à la Cannelle (Orange with cinnamon).

The menu is also extremely good value at 250 dirhams per person including mineral water, tea & coffee (around £20 per person).
A two-night stay at Riad Africa costs from £81 per person (B&B).

Click on the links to see full details of each menu: Moroccan Menu, Lunch Menu, Vegetarian Menu and Children’s Menu.
For bookings visit https://www.riadafrica.com/.

* The earliest writings about the concept of cooking in a tajine appear in the famous One Thousand and One Nights, an Arabic-language story collection from the ninth century. The dish would have been already famous amongst the nomadic Bedouin people of the Arabian Peninsula, who added dried fruits like dates, apricots and plums to give it its unique taste.