May the Fourth be with You!

Happy Star Wars Day - check out these hidden Star Wars destinations across the UK

There has always been a sense of excitement when you picture yourself in the location of a famous blockbuster film or TV series. But what’s even more exciting is finding out that the place you see on the big screen exists, and you can visit where your favourite character or actor once stood.

To celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th), the mobile experts at have scoured the globe for some of the most memorable yet hidden gems from the films to visit.

To do this, sourced a list of Star Wars filming destinations and researched each one on Instagram to see which destination had the least amount of hashtag postings.

The top 5 undiscovered UK’ Star Wars destinations to visit:

  1. Bovingdon Airfield, United Kingdom
  2. RAF Greenham Common, United Kingdom
  3. Whippendell Wood, United Kingdom
  4. Ivinghoe Beacon, United Kingdom
  5. Thirlmere, United Kingdom can reveal the UK’ Star Wars inspired destination with the smallest number of hashtags is Bovingdon Airfield (199 hashtags) located in south west of Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire.

In second place is the RAF Greenham Common with 292 hashtags and can be seen in both Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Episode VIII).

Placing third with 1,124 hashtags is Whippendell Wood, also situated in Hertfordshire, in Watford, and was used in the 1999 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Episode I).

In fourth is Ivinghoe Beacon with 8,180 hashtags and used recently for the 2019 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Episode IX) and in fifth is Thirlmere with 18,104 hashtags, used for the 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII).

The top 10 undiscovered Star Wars destinations to visit:

  1. Sidi Jemour, Tunisia
  2. La Grande Dune, Tunisia
  3. Onk Jemal, Tunisia
  4. Buttercup Valley, United States
  5. Bovingdon Airfield, United Kingdom
  6. RAF Greenham Common, United Kingdom
  7. Ksar Ouled Soltane, Tunisia
  8. Twenty-Mule Team Canyon, United States
  9. Ksar Hadada, Tunisia
  10. Palace of Caserta, Italy can reveal the Star Wars inspired destination with the smallest number of hashtags is Sidi Jemour in Tunisia. The destination has only 10 hashtags and was seen as a set for Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV).

Tunisia is also the home to the second and third place destinations; La Grande Dune with 42 hashtags which was used in Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV) and Onk Jemal with 53 hashtags which can be seen in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Episode I). also decided to do some more digging and uncovered the 10 most popular Star Wars filming destinations to visit.

The top 10 popular Star Wars destinations to visit:

  1. Fuerteventura, Spain
  2. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  3. Dolomites, Italy
  4. Canary Wharf, United Kingdom
  5. Grindelwald, Switzerland
  6. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
  7. Wadi Rum, Jordan
  8. Plaza de España, Spain
  9. Death Valley National Park, United States
  10. Guilin, China

The destination used by Star Wars with the most hashtags is Fuerteventura in Spain, with a whopping 2,883,765. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, the island was used in the 2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Just behind in second is Dubrovnik in Croatia, with an impressive 2,501,453 hashtags and used in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Episode VIII).

Placing third is Dolomites in Italy with 2,245,353 hashtags and featured in 2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story.