10 Strategies that 25 Leading Airlines are Using to Increase Traveller Confidence

New research has determined that use of face masks, widespread adoption of electrostatic disinfection, temperature checks, and hand sanitiser by airlines are increasing traveller confidence

A survey with 25 of the world’s leading airlines in June 2020 has identified 10 key strategies that are boosting traveller confidence during the pandemic.

  • Spray and wipe disinfecting: The passenger cabins of the world’s airline fleet should be sparkling clean after all the spray-wipe-repeat activity promised by airlines. Without exception, carriers describe a cleaning regimen occurring before flights and becoming more robust during overnight stops.
  • Electrostatic antiviral spraying: This method, widely used by US-based airlines, dispenses disinfectant with a mild positive electrical charge. The small particles are then attracted to cabin surfaces as these have a natural neutral or negative charge. It’s a very effective method to coat every surface such as overhead bins, seats, air nozzles and light controls, and tray tables.
  • Face covering required: All airlines in the survey, with the exception of Qantas, require passengers to wear face coverings. Air France, as a result of home government regulation, requires passengers to upgrade to surgical masks.
  • Care kits for travellers: Items provided free of charge to passengers may include some or all of these elements: face mask, sanitising wipes, and sanitising liquid.
  • Temperature check required: It’s difficult to discern from airline websites if these checks are administered by an airline (such as Air Canada and Frontier) or by airport authorities, especially at major hub locations.
  • Cabin baggage restrictions (CB): Airlines restrict carry-on bags to create a safer and less congested boarding and deplaning process.
  • Hand sanitiser (HS): The table reflects airlines that indicate the availability of hand sanitiser in gate areas and on aircraft.
  • Middle seat kept empty (MS)
  • Protective equipment for cabin crew (PE): Beyond the provision of a higher quality mask, some airlines provide cabin crew with clear face shields or goggles, and plastic blouses/aprons.
  • Spraying or fogging disinfectant (SD)

“It’s hugely encouraging to see the proactive and sensible measures airlines are taking to prioritise passenger health and safety,” said Aileen McCormack, Chief Commercial Officer at CarTrawler, speaking in Dublin today. “The travel industry has been hit hard, but these measures signal positive momentum and will provide consumers with the confidence and peace of mind they’re seeking.”

Survey courtesy of CarTrawler.