WIN a Collector’s Edition Titanic Distillers Box Set

Northern Ireland Travel News have teamed up with Titanic Distillers to give one lucky winner the chance to win a Collector's Edition Whiskey Box Set

Northern Ireland Travel News have teamed up with Titanic Distillers to give one lucky winner the chance to win a Collector’s Edition Whiskey Box Set.

Titanic Distillers – Blood, Sweat and Years

A blend of fine Irish whiskey: simple, honest, true. This is the spirit of the workers who built the great ship. A story of blood, sweat and years. And after another day’s hard graft their reward was waiting – rich, full, amber-coloured and warm. A measure of pride.



Beneath a canopy of cranes, amid thickets of cables and chains and ropes. The very air was alive with sparks. Then there was the noise: the ceaseless clanging and hammering. The pounding as the steel was shaped and joined. The whirr and whine of gears. The shouting. The banter. The craic. And at the end of another day there was this. A measure of reward. They looked forward to it. They savoured it. Now you can too.


You had to have your wits about you in the shipyard. The work was hard. There were hazards everywhere. And the banter was just as sharp. There was pride too, among the men built the ships. Who built the great ship. Every calloused hand had a part in a long story of blood, sweat and years. And when the whistle blew at the end of the day, there was a reward waiting. A measure of pride.

The Collector’s Edition Box Set contains a 70cl bottle of our premium Irish whiskey, a limited run branded Glencairn tasting glass and a set of granite whiskey stones. Presented in a branded box, this would make the perfect gift for any whiskey drinker.

The Glencairn tasting glass has been described by many as the ‘Official Whiskey Tasting Glass’ – praise indeed, the Glencairn is the perfect way to savour Titanic Distiller’s whiskey.

The whiskey stones are made from granite and soapstone, these four whiskey stones are ideal for keeping beverages cool. Simply place them in the freezer for four hours prior to use.

A rich and complex whiskey combining an early hint of peat and the sweet sherry cask characteristics. Smooth and well balanced on the palate with notes of vanilla and rich vine fruits such as raisins and sultanas. While the sherry notes tapers off, the peat lingers. The boldness of the malt shows its strength of character.


What sweet cask characteristics does Titanic Whiskey take on?

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