Worst And Best Value Destinations Voted By Holidaymakers

Heading off on holiday this year? Check out the best and worst value out there

Two-thirds of holidaymakers are still planning to travel abroad despite the possible impact of Brexit on their pockets, according to a new survey by Post Office Travel Money.

Spain and Greece still offer the best value, they believe, however two out of three holidaymakers admitted they weren’t able to stick to their budget during their last trip.

Couples expected to spend an average of £717, but the Post Office found that two-thirds of those surveyed spent £184 more than they intended. However, only 6% of those planning holidays abroad this year intend to increase their budget.

Only 3% of the 2000-plus people quizzed said they would avoid countries in the Eurozone because of high prices. Some 87% said they thought Spain offered good value, while 85% thought Greece and Bulgaria were good value and 82% said Portugal was good value too.

Italy and France fared poorly, with only 64% rating Italy as good value and only 58% giving France the thumbs up. Of the popular long-haul destinations, Thailand was rated as good value by 82%, followed by Mexico which was rated good value by almost three-quarters of those asked, while only two-thirds thought they got good value for money in the US and the Caribbean. Dubai, above, came bottom of the poll, rated as poor value by 72% of holidaymakers.

Best to worst value by percentage of voters

  1. Spain (mainland) – 87%
  2. Greece – 85%
  3. Bulgaria – 85%
  4. Croatia – 83%
  5. Portugal 82%
  6. Turkey – 82%
  7. Thailand – 82%
  8. Canary Islands – 80%
  9. Cyprus – 80%
  10. Balearic Islands – 79%
  11. Mexico – 74%
  12. USA – 68%
  13. Caribbean – 65%
  14. Italy – 64%
  15. France – 58%
  16. Scandinavia – 44%
  17. Dubai – 38%