World Wanderlust: Affordable Bucketlist Destinations Across The Globe

With a British summer wash-out, and last-minute holiday bookings on the rise, Brits are looking for that last ray of sunshine before the end of summer

With a British summer wash-out, and last-minute holiday bookings on the rise, holidaymakers are looking for that last ray of sunshine before the end of summer. A dream holiday may seem unaffordable, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

New research of 2,000 Brits, carried out by ASDA Money Travel Insurance, found that 59 per cent have compiled a travel bucket list but aren’t currently through it and that half (51 per cent) don’t think they’ll be able to afford the holiday of a lifetime until they’re 50 years old.

The top ten experiences on travel bucket lists are:

  1.            View the Northern Lights in Iceland (38 per cent)
  2.            See the Great Pyramids of Egypt (30 per cent)
  3.            Visit the Grand Canyon (30 per cent)
  4.            Sail around the Greek Islands (26 per cent)
  5.            Eat a slice of pizza in Naples (26 per cent)
  6.            Watch the sunset in Santorini (25 per cent)
  7.            Travel the Fjords of Norway (25 per cent)
  8.            Visit the Colosseum in Rome (25 per cent)
  9.            Walk the Great Wall of China (23 per cent)
  10.          Take a gondola in Venice (22 per cent)

The average Brit spends two weeks on holiday per year and would be willing to spend £852.60 per person on a holiday abroad with 18 to 29 year-olds willing to splurge the most, spending as much as £928.20 per person.

The survey also found that almost half (47 per cent) believe holidaying in the UK can be more expensive than going abroad, with 70 per cent agreeing it’s more cost-effective to go abroad than a staycation, thinking this would save on average £345.40.

 More than a third (34 per cent) admit there are places they’d love to visit for a holiday in the UK but can’t due to the rising costs, and 27 per cent feel like they are missing out on the beauty of the UK due to the rising costs of staycations. London and Cornwall topped the most expensive UK holiday list with 61 per cent and 39 per cent respectively believing a trip to either destination would be too costly.

Those living in Belfast want to holiday abroad the most, with only seven per cent wanting to holiday in the UK. In contrast, those living in Plymouth would rather staycation, with 44 per cent wanting to stay in the UK for their holidays.

When asked about travel costs, 67 per cent believe hotels are the most expensive cost, followed by travel (47 per cent), and food and drink (46 per cent). The things Brits get most excited for when going on holiday are; sightseeing (44 per cent), arriving at your destination and finally being able to relax (44 per cent), and trying new experiences (43 per cent).

Amongst the things they find least exciting are packing (10 per cent), travelling by boat (10 per cent), and posting pictures online (10 per cent).

According to 44 per cent of Brits, sightseeing is the most exciting part of a holiday and 68 per cent say that hotels are the most expensive part of a holiday.

Further research by Asda Money Travel Insurance created the World Wanderlust Index, which found the top 50 bucket- list countries based on factors such as the number of iconic landmarks, adventure activities and historical exploration, plus overall cost factors for each destination such as flights and hotels.

The research found that the number one destination for a bucket list trip on a budget was Italy, with Spain in second place and the United States in third.

Top ten ranked bucket-list countries (according to Asda Money’s index):

  1.            Italy
  2.            Spain
  3.            United States of America
  4.            France
  5.            India
  6.            Germany
  7.            Japan
  8.            Mexico
  9.            China
  10.          Turkey

Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world, so it’s no shock it tops the list. Known for its art, fashion, and cuisine, Italy is the perfect holiday destination. It topped the index with a whopping 102 out of 140 points, gaining top marks for iconic landmarks, historical exploration, cuisine, and flights.

Italy is home to some amazing landmarks including the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Sistine Chapel, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Duomo Di Milano. Flights to Rome from London can cost as little as £38, which is cheaper than a single ticket to Madame Tussauds in London! It’s also home to the number one cuisine in the world, according to Taste Atlas’ world rankings.

Edward Doherty at Asda Money Travel Insurance commented: “At Asda Money Travel Insurance, we understand holidays are a well-needed break, but can come with a hefty price tag. To relieve some of the planning stress we have compiled an index to provide inspiration and help educate travellers on some of the best places to visit on a budget. A dream holiday may seem out of reach, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.’’

“When you’re travelling, it’s always important to have the right travel insurance to protect you and your belongings. Our research revealed 25 per cent of Brits don’t believe you need travel insurance, but we’d urge anyone travelling abroad to organise the right level of cover for their trip so that they can travel with peace of mind. In the grand scheme of the trip, travel insurance is a small cost that could save holidaymakers hundreds if they need to cover any unforeseen travel incidences. As a travel insurance provider, we offer comprehensive coverage options for all types of travel no matter where you go.”