Winterfell Festival at Castle Ward This Sunday

Leading local actor Ian McElhinney is joining Mark Addy as second special guest at this weekend’s Winterfell Festival at Castle Ward

Ian, AKA Ser Barristan Selmy in Game of Thrones has been confirmed to join award winning actor and BAFTA nominee, Mark Addy, AKA King Robert Baratheon at the Winterfell Festival on Sunday.

Special guests and entertainment will transform this historic National Trust estate, into Winterfell, home of House Stark in the world-famous HBO production Game of Thrones.

The National Trust property will be offering fans thrilling displays of Sword fighting, falconry and jousting from the Devils Horsemen. Guests can also journey along the Kings Road to the Inn at the Crossroads, where characters from the show await, ‘Take the black’ with the Night’s Watch and spot the White Walkers near the barrows of the first men.

Admission is £25 for adults, £10 for children with a family ticket at £65.