Where to Travel in 2020 – Top Predictions!

Luxury Travel company A&K predicts the top travel trends for 2020

Discover the countries making an exciting comeback in 2020 and discover where to go for a new one-off experience, and the up and coming destinations that entice more seasoned travellers with the excitement something different.

Making a come back… Egypt

After the tumult of recent years, Egypt is making a deserved return to form. In 2018, more than 11 million tourists visited Egypt, and the World Tourism Organisation has since named the country the world’s fastest-growing travel destination.

  • Why go in 2020?
    To visit the Grand Egyptian Museum, scheduled to finally open after several delays. Set to be the world’s largest archaeological museum, this exhibition space will showcase a vast array of Ancient Egyptian finds, 30,000 of which have never been exhibited to the public
  • To see the gilded sarcophagus that was stolen by an international smuggling ring in 2011. The 2,100-year-old artefact was recovered and returned to Egypt in September, and plans for its public display in 2020 are now underway.
  • To follow in Poirot’s footsteps; the inimitable detective will return in the new adaptation of Death on The Nile next October, sleuthing aboard a Nile river steamboat. Beyond the big screen, Sanctuary’s own vessel – the Nile Adventurer – has just undergone a dramatic refurbishment. It returns to the water this autumn, in time for your own luxury cruise in 2020

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is brimming with ancient treasures and a rich cultural heritage; all ringed by the palm-fringed beaches of the Indian Ocean. Although the tragic events of Easter 2019 affected tourism, the country has bounced back, and its multitude of charms are tempting travellers once more.

  • Why go in 2020?
    To dodge the crowds; the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has rescinded its advice against visiting the island nation, meaning it’s a fantastic opportunity to see the sights before tourism numbers return to their peak
  • To save money on your Indian Subcontinent adventure. UK nationals can enter the country on a visa-free, no-cost basis until the end of January 2020. On top of that, the government has announced plans to slash airline charges and increase flight numbers.
  • Improved highways will make travelling around Sri Lanka easier. Another 145km is due to be added to the expressway system in Sri Lanka by the end of the year.

The one-off event… Argentina

With dramatic landscapes, a vibrant capital and famously hospitable people are reasons enough to put Argentina on your wish list next year. However, we can offer one more excuse for escaping to the South American country’s shores.

Why go in 2020?

  • For the cherry on the cake – a total solar eclipse. Set to take place on 14 December, the eclipse will be visible from just a few South American countries. In Argentina, the event will briefly plunge Northern Patagonia into darkness in the middle of the afternoon. Be among the few to witness this rare, magical moment in a region already famed for its spectacular scenery.
  • To be among the first guests to stay at the explora Argentina. The latest in the hotel group’s roster of exemplary eco-lodges, this new property places you within Southern Patagonia’s Los Huemules reserve, close to El Chaltén. You’ll enjoy access to a stunning wilderness, with views to the Electric Valley and Marconi range — perfect for embracing your adventurous side.

The up-and-comers… Laos

Laos has long been stuck in the shadow of its more famous Indochinese neighbours; that is, until now. This country’s charm and authenticity are drawing a growing number of visitors to its lesser-travelled trails, and we expect the trend to continue in 2020. Next year, why not discover this nation of jungles, temples, hill-top villages and ancient relics for yourself?

Why go in 2020?

  • For new discoveries; stretching across the Xiangkhoang Plateau, The Plain of Jars features thousands of enormous stone vessels, scattered by a past civilisation whose culture remains a mystery. While folklore suggests the jars belonged to giants, further excavations in 2019 point instead towards a more anthropological answer: that this was once a burial ground
  • To experience one of Laos’ most luxurious eco-retreats. Launched in 2018, Rosewood Luang Prabang features tented suites and jungle-nested villas within easy reach of UNESCO-listed attractions, including museums, monasteries and the Mandalao Elephant Sanctuary.


Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most enthralling – and often overlooked – destinations. Situated in the Horn of Africa, it easily earns its spot in this next year’s limelight. Whether in the bustling cities or remote plains, you’ll find an abundance of cultural riches.

Why go in 2020?

  • For the history; Ethiopia has a bounty of relics and ruins, many UNESCO-listed. There are Lalibela’s 11 rock-hewn churches, built in the 13th century and still a place of pilgrimage; Lake Tana’s remote, centuries-old monasteries, famous for their murals; the city of Gondar, nicknamed ‘the Camelot of Africa’ for its castles; and more besides
  • For Timkat, one of the major festivals in Ethiopia’s calendar. Marking the baptism of Jesus Christ, this three-day religious event in January features colourful processions, unique traditions and candle-lit hymns. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s culture.
  • For the wildlife; the Simien Mountains National Park is home to an abundance of animals, including the walia ibex, colobus monkey, gelada baboon and more than 180 bird species. Also worthy of exploration is Bale Mountains National Park, a haven for endemic wildlife such as the rare Ethiopian wolf and mountain nyala. We recommend staying at Bale Mountain Lodge, a boutique, eco-friendly property secreted away in this captivating wilderness.

The wild card… The Arctic Circle

Imagine exploring a sweeping arc at the top of the world and five distinct Arctic regions – the wild Svalbard archipelago, stunning Iceland, magical Greenland, the remote Canadian Arctic, and vast Bering Sea – on one all-encompassing adventure. Sailing alongside an award-winning team of modern explorers on a luxuriously all-inclusive cruise aboard exclusively chartered Le Boreal.

Why go in 2020?

  • To experience a luxury cruise like no other. Explore the remote archipelago of Svalbard, trendy Iceland, rugged Greenland, the entire Canadian Arctic Reykjavík and Nuuk, both equally unique capital cities, and the glittering landscapes that surround them. Discover this icy wonderland from the comfort of Le Boreal, a robust mega-yacht perfectly matched to this ambitious voyage.