Vegan in Spain: Discover the Best Destinations for Vegans

Summer is coming, which means that the travel season is officially getting started!

Summer is coming, which means that the travel season is officially getting started! But if you’re a vegan or vegetarian who loves to travel, you might have faced some challenges finding plant-based options in some destinations.

Spain-Holiday ( have worked together with Holidu ( to bring you the best vegan destinations in Spain, where you can enjoy delicious food without compromising your values. Discover where you can find the highest ratio of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and choose your next holiday destination. And no, we’re not talking about salads and tofu. We’re talking about mouth-watering dishes that will make you forget all about the jamón.

  • Barcelona

The Mediterranean hotspot Barcelona takes first place in this veggie ranking. The city of Gaudi is a popular holiday destination for anyone who wants to enjoy sun, vibrant nightlife, culture and amazing food. Thankfully, vegans and vegetarians won’t feel like they’re missing out on the local cuisine. With 121 vegan and vegetarian restaurants, you’ll even have a hard time choosing where to go! You won’t find any sad and boring salads here, instead, enjoy delicious vegan and vegetarian burgers, tapas, paella and many more local dishes adapted to be vegan. 

Our recommendations:

  • Vegan: Bubita Sangria Bar (Calle Flassaders 15). Great alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, vegan tapas and more.
  • Veggie: Faire Brunch and Drinks (Carrer Girona 81). Veggie brunch restaurant focussing on locally-sourced, organic ingredients.


  • Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is the endpoint of the famous Camino de Santiago, the pilgrimage route that runs through France and Spain. Hundreds of people decide to walk or cycle (part of) the route every year, ending up in Santiago and spending some time exploring the beautiful architecture and culture of the city. While Santiago de Compostela is mainly known for its amazing seafood, the city also caters to vegans and vegetarians. Many restaurants have invented their own vegan version of traditional dishes such as croquetas and zorza (spicy stew)

Our recommendations:

  • Vegan: Entre Pedras (Rúa do Hospitaliño 7). Five-star vegan restaurant with great atmosphere and incredibly varied menu.
  • Veggie: ClemCafé (Rúa de San Pedro 118). Cute café serving breakfast, lunch and house-made pastries with many vegan and gluten-free options.
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is mainly known because of its beaches, nightlife and warm temperatures all year round, which makes it an ideal holiday destination even in winter. You can explore the entire island, but the city itself has plenty to see and do to keep you occupied. When you want to take a break from sightseeing and try some of the excellent local gastronomy, there are plenty of vegan and veggie restaurants to choose from. Enjoy delicious tapas, poke bowls, cakes and more either in the restaurant, or order takeaway and have a picnic on the beach!

Our recommendations:

  • Vegan: Ananda (Calle de Castro 38). A cosy restaurant serving local Canarian cuisine adapted for vegans.
  • Veggie: La Verduleria (Calle Santiago 4). For multicultural dishes, great cold-pressed juices and a cheap but delicious lunch menu.


  • Granada

If there is a city that can call itself the most romantic city in all of Spain, it’s Granada! Wander its cobbled streets, admire the intricate architecture, and visit the world-famous Alhambra. When you get hungry, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options for you to choose from. Go for a beer and some vegan tapas, or try traditional pastries at the vegetarian teahouses in the city. For some more filling food, Granada has everything from a quick vegan burger to amazing three-course meals that will satisfy even the most demanding vegan foodies.

Our recommendations:

  • Vegan: Hicuri (Plaza de los Girones 4). Best-rated vegan restaurant in the city with an incredibly varied menu. Offers gluten-, sugar- and soy-free options.
  • Veggie: Abaco Te (Alamo del Marques 5). A classic teahouse serving sweet and savoury vegetarian snacks, and with an amazing view of the Alhambra.


  • Palma de Mallorca

While Palma de Mallorca seduces every visitor with its winding streets, beautiful beaches and amazing atmosphere, it’s also a foodie hotspot! The capital of Mallorca has a rich history, which has resulted in a city where you can experience many different cuisines. The vegan and vegetarian restaurants of Palma have embraced this diversity and offer their take on traditional dishes from all over the world. From Asian noodle dishes and tajines to a classic burger and local dishes, you will never leave any restaurant unsatisfied.


Our recommendations:

  • Vegan: Ca n’Ela Vegan Restaurant (Carrer de la Mar 16). Serves a daily four-course lunch menu at a very fair price, with great service and decor.
  • Veggie: Nu Market & Coffee (Plaça del Progrés 19). Delicious burgers, empanadas and other snacks, as well as great coffee and drinks.


These cities complete the top 10:

  1. San Sebastián
  2. Salamanca
  3. Toledo
  4. Gijón
  5. Tarragona