Travel-Related Activities to Do at Home

Just because you are indoors right now does not mean you have to stop your love of travelling. From virtual visits to future planning, learn about travel activities you can do at home

If you are a frequent jet-setter and love to travel, recent social distancing measures and travel restrictions could be making you more frustrated than most. Once you have the travel bug, it rarely leaves. You are likely itching to jump aboard a plane and discover a new culture, its foods and landmarks very soon.

But just because of the current situation, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy travel-related activities. From the comfort of your own home, you can make plans and create things that will satisfy your travel addiction. Here are some suggestions for travel lovers.

1. Plan Your Next Trip!

Travel doesn’t start at an airport. It begins in our imagination and quest for adventure. Therefore, the first part of your travelling can still be carried out from home. Get researching the best places to see and where you want to go to later this year. Whether it is finding the best hotels in Vegas or camping spots on Australia’ west coast, get planning your next adventure now!

2. Create a Travel Photo Book

Once our suitcases are dumped by the door, we usually race to see friends and family and show them our pictures and tell our stories. But few of us make these memories into a scrapbook that we can look back on in decades down the line. So, why not make a travel book filled with photos and anecdotes to share with your future grandchildren?

3. Virtual Museum/Cultural Tours

Lots of museums and places of cultural interest have kept their doors open for virtual visitors. Many exhibitions are free and accessible online for you to take advantage of. If you travel for cultural experiences and museums, these virtual museum visits will be for you!

But those who travel for nature are not being left out either. You can now do virtual tours of outdoor landmarks, including Alabama’s natural wonders.

4. Start a Travel Blog

Got a travel story you want to share? Maybe some tips or recommendations? There is no better place to do it than with a travel blog. Making a blog is now easier than ever thanks to pre-made templates, so you can stick to relaying cool travel guides and leave website design to WordPress, Wix and other automated website builders. With the right affiliate programme, you may even be able to start a side income with it!

5. Paint a Unique Travel Map

If you like to get creative, there is another excellent idea for travel lovers who are at home. Why don’t you paint a map of the world – but with a twist. Once you have painted an outline, you can then only add in the countries that you have visited. It will kill time and look cool on your wall as a conversation starter!