Top Trips Inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest!

Loved Eurovision? Check out the top trips inspired by the Song Contest for every type of traveller

What’s the Conchita Wurst that could happen….


Israel will participate and host the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, bringing it home with the entry “Home” written by Ohad Shragai and Inbar Weitzman. Israel were able to host the annual event after winning the competition in 2018. Israel has won the contest an impressive four times, and has hosted the contest twice, in 1979 and 1999, both times in Jerusalem.


But they are not in Europe?? Australia first entered the competition with national treasure Guy Sebastian back in 2015, who came fifth with his catchy song ‘Tonight Again’. This was supposed to be a one-off event, with organisers allowing a wildcard entry that year because Australia had loyally broadcasted the event on national television since 1983. The theme of inclusivity stuck and Australia have been invited back every year since.


With Eurovision fever in the air, it is time to don the dancing shoes and celebrate all things musical. Inspired by the summer blockbuster Mamma Mia featuring the hits of Eurovision icons ABBA, Planet Cruise offer a collection of sailings which include a 4-hour Mamma Mia location’s tour.

Much like the iconic scene showing Piers Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard arriving to the island on an imposing tall ship, this incredible itinerary invites guests to enjoy the first-class facilities of a four-mast, fully rigged sailing ship with 16 sails as she makes her way around the captivating Greek islands. Onboard, the classic teak decks boast two swimming pools for cooling off in the sun while the 2:1 guest to staff ratio ensures every whim is catered to. Flying from the UK, guests will enjoy one night’s hotel stay in Athens before taking to the alluring azure-blue waters and reliving the film first-hand. During the four-hour Mamma Mia tour, guests will visit the wedding chapel, I do I do I do, used in both films, visit the beach where many scenes were shot and more of the recognisable backdrops where Hollywood met Greek Mythology. This cruise takes place on 15th May, 26th June and 14th August 2020.


To keep the Eurovision party atmosphere alive, head out with One Traveller and experience the Venice and Verona Carnival. One Traveller, the solo holiday tour operator for mature single travellers, offers a trip to Northern Italy visiting Venice, Verona, Cento and Lake Garda during Italy’s revelrous winter carnival season. Highlights of the tour include a walking tour of the ancient city of Verona brought to life in Shakespeare’s infamous Romeo and Juliet, a chance to experience the popular Cento Carnival before ending the tour in Venice when the city comes to life for the Carnevale di Venzia where people dress up in ornate clothing and masks. Other top pics include a wine tasting lunch at one of Lake Garda’s most popular destinations.


The Netherlands has the highest chance of winning the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest and have had a long history of doing well in the competition. Bet it’s that Dutch courage…