Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Yachts Revealed…

The study revealed that billionaire media mogul David Geffen is the owner of the most expensive celebrity yacht, reportedly costing $590 million

New analysis reveals the most expensive celebrity yachts, with David Geffen taking the top spot.

 The research, conducted by Yacht Charter experts Ritzy Charters, examined celebrity-owned yachts and their price tags to determine a ranking of the most expensive celebrity yachts on the planet.

The study revealed that billionaire media mogul David Geffen is the owner of the most expensive celebrity yacht, reportedly costing $590 million.

Geffen takes first place with his $590 million superyacht, The Rising Sun. The yacht was originally owned by Larry Ellison before Geffen purchased it in 2010. The spectacular vessel cost around $200 million to build in 2004, with its length reaching 138 meters and a maximum speed of 30 knots. Besides the unusually high number of rooms, 82 to be exact, the yacht can accommodate around 18 guests and 55 crew members, holding a basketball court, wine cellar and an impressive luxurious cinema.

The second most expensive celebrity yacht is owned by Jeff Bezos, whose impressive vessel takes up 417 feet and is known as the largest sailing yacht on the planet; the Y721, also named the Koru. The yacht features a great-sized pool on its deck alongside accommodation for up to 18 guests and 40 crew members. The beautiful boat design was inspired by Māori art, with its name Koru symbolising strength, new life and peace. Bezos reportedly cost $500 million.

Ranking in third is the Eos superyacht, owned by Belgian fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and her husband, Barry Diller. The power couple reportedly bought the yacht back in 2009 for $200 million, with its exquisite design and luxurious interior. Eos can perform top speeds of 18mph, is 305 feet long and can guest up to fourteen people simultaneously; it is certainly a luxurious experience. Some of the most unique amenities of the yacht include a glass staircase, a 14-foot world map, a jacuzzi and a figurehead of owner Diane von Furstenberg.

Laurene Powell, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, owns the fourth most expensive celebrity yacht. The $120 million VENUS yacht, designed by Phillippe Stark, features beautiful large floor-to-ceiling windows across its 78-metre span, reaching up to 18 knots. The superyacht can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins and 22 crew members in 14 cabins, and the vessel’s annual running cost is around $10-$15 million.

The fifth most expensive celebrity-owned yacht is The Maraya, owned by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and cost approximately $65 million in 2012. The superyacht is an impressive 54.2 meters long, and when Diddy is not using the vessel for his own cruises, it can be chartered for approximately $300 thousand per week. On board, the yacht can hold up to 12 guests at a time in six cabins, as well as luxurious features like a sundeck jacuzzi, gym and wellness area, not to mention its very own chef.

A spokesperson for Ritzy Charters commented:

“Luxury yachts are more than just a symbol of wealth; they not only provide incredibly gorgeous views but a level of privacy to those onboard who want a sense of relaxation that you can’t get from anywhere other than chartering across oceans.

Privacy is a huge part of the experience of a superyacht, which is why celebrities are drawn to spending large sums of money on owning their own. It offers them a sense of seclusion that is so secret and respected, far away from paparazzi and the public eye.

It is exciting to see just how luxurious and spectacular the yachts owned by some of the most famous people in the world are. From how they were designed, crafted and produced, it is widely appreciated how beautiful and unique some of the most expensive yachts on our world’s oceans are and just how much they cost.”

The most expensive celebrity yachts



Yacht Name


David Geffen

The Rising Sun

          $590 Million

Jeff Bezos


          $500 Million

Diane von Furstenberg


       $200 Million

Steve and Laurene Jobs


          $120 Million

Puff Daddy (Sean Combs)

The Maraya

            $65 Million

Giorgio Armani


            $64 Million

Jackie Chan

Jinlong 4601

            $46 Million

Sir Elton John

Wabi Sabi

        $29.1 Million

Tiger Woods


            $29 Million

J.K Rowling


       $22.9 Million