Top Five Sustainable Travel Destinations

Travelling round the globe to exotic locations is incredibly exciting, but we have to remember that we aren't the only ones and too many tourists can wreak havoc on some destinations

When we travel it’s important to think how we affect the local people, businesses and the environment.

Elle Voyage is a travel company exclusively for women who long to have an adventure, discover different cultures, visit diverse continents, stumble across breath-taking landscapes and immerse themselves with memories that last a lifetime. Elle Voyage owner and tour specialist, Dawn Simone, is sharing her top five sustainable travel destinations.

  1. Iceland – perhaps because of such interest and beauty, Iceland has become an enormously popular place to visit in a short space of time, so it has put strain on infrastructure and nature. But now over 300 Icelandic tourism companies have agreed on a country-wide declaration on responsible tourism with clear and simple sustainable measures to help tourism thrive in harmony with the environment!
  2. Costa Rica – Costa Rica is one of the planet’s prime ecotourism destinations. Many of the hotels, isolated nature lodges, and tour operators around the country are pioneers and dedicated professionals in the sustainable tourism field. Many places are quite literally built into the environment as to not disturb the natural order of things.
  3. Slovenia – many people skip over Slovenia when planning a trip to Europe, which is a shame since Ljubljana is not only gorgeous but also one of the eco-friendliest destinations in Europe. In 2016 they won the European Green Capital distinction, and in 2017 was ranked on the list of global top 100 sustainable destinations for the third time.
  4. New Zealand – New Zealand has long been at the forefront of sustainable tourism, they have adopted 14 commitments focused on visitor, community, environmental, and economic wealth. The country is an outdoor mecca for nature and adventure enthusiasts.
  5. Norway – have a very strong ethical consideration when it comes to traveling. Norwegians aim to preserve their landscapes and communities by taking care of the environmental actions they encourage. All their tourism is geared towards ecotourism and sustainability.