Three Relaxing Couples Weekend Trip Ideas in the USA

It is good to take a break from everyday life stress and spend quality time with the person you love

It is good to take a break from everyday life stress and spend quality time with the person you love. For instance, you can set one weekend aside and decide that you will go on a trip during that weekend. If you decide to do this, ensure you choose a good weekend trip idea. Below are some of the best weekend gateway ideas for couples.

1. Visit Palm Springs, California

You are likely to have a good time with your partner when you visit Palm Springs, California. It is an old Hollywood vacation spot that people loved during Frank Sinatra’s days. Being a city in California’s Sonoran desert, it has so much to offer. Palm Springs city is a perfect trip destination, from a stylish resort to majestic desert views and classy restaurants.

When in this city, you can go for desert adventure tours to the Palm Springs Indian Canyons. You two can also go to the JTNP (Joshua Tree national park) or the SAF(San Andreas fault). An open-air jeep is a perfect vehicle to use when going for these tours as you will be able to see all the beautiful sceneries of this city.

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is another tourist attraction site in this city. It is a botanical garden that was made with the mission of conserving the desert. While in this botanical garden, you can feed giraffes, lorikeets and ride camels. You can also enjoy behind-the-scene tours, hiking trails, and carousel rides.

If you wish to unwind when there, you can go to Desert Springs and soak in the healing waters. If this is not enough, you can go for a couples massage in one of the Palm Springs spas.

2. Go Camping in Upstate New York

If you are thinking about unrolling that sleeping bag for a camping season, upstate New York is a perfect option. This geographic area has around 19 million acres of land which means that it can accommodate many people. It also has many ponds, lakes, mountains, and mountain ranges.

You can go camping in the cranberry lake campground found in this region. It is a secluded place that will give you a humble time away from vehicle distraction. You can go hiking, rowing, and biking when in this camping region.

If this secluded region does not excite you, go camping in Watkins Glen State Park. This NY state park camping spot has several scenic attractions. From stunning waterfalls to beautiful lakes, this park has so much to offer. You can go for wine tasting, car racing, or boating.

Saranac lake islands are other perfect camping spots. You can reach any of these islands by boat.

The Letchworth State Park is another perfect camping destination that you can go to. Being the best state park in the USA, it has plenty of amenities. You can go hiking, swimming, and fishing when in this camping spot.

3. Go To Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Watch Hill is located southwestern part of Rhode Island. It is a good summer resort which you can visit all year round. It has several Victorian-style cottages and a sense of privacy.

You can enjoy canoodling in front of stone fireplaces with a cocktail in your hand when here. You can also go for long evening walks with your partner on the private Watch Hill sand beach.

The historic watch hill lighthouse is located on this island. It is a nautical ship beacon that was erected in 1806. It has a rotating light that was installed in 1827 to make it different from the Connecticut Stonington Harbor Light.


Going on a trip with your partner once in a while is a good idea. It will help you to reconnect with your lover and stay away from your everyday stresses. To have a good time when on this trip, you need to come up with good weekend trip ideas. For instance, you can decide to go camping in upstate New York or visit Palm Springs, California. If these two do not excite you, go to watch hill, Rhode Island.