The World’s Most Instagrammed Lakes

The world is our oyster, but with so many places to visit, making a decision on where to travel next can be difficult. So why not turn to Instagram for some inspiration? decided to have a look at the most ‘Instagrammable’ lakes around the world to help you decide on your next picturesque trip.

They collected the number of hashtags per lake in order to identify which one would make the best Instagram-worthy place to visit next.

Which lakes around the world are the most Insta famous?’

In the first place we find UK’s very popular Lake District with 2,951,548 hashtags. And while the area is composed of a multitude of lakes, we decide to take it as a whole due to the fact it is well known for its glacial ribbon bodies of water. The UK’s Loch Ness also tops the top 20 list with over 500,000 photos added to the ‘gram.

In second place is Lake Tahoe from US, with 2,459,104 hashtags. Situated between California and Nevada, it is also the largest alpine lake in North America, so it’s probably no surprise why it’s so high on the list. Indeed, the US is quite a popular destination for lake-lovers – 35% of the world’s most photographed lakes are in the Land of the Free!

Italy’s Lake Como, also known as Lario, is fourth with a whopping 1,412,597 hashtags. This beauty is the 5th deepest lake in Europe and an amazing destination to visit.

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