The World’s Most Instagrammed Forest

The Black Forest in Germany is the most popular on Instagram with almost 1.5 million hashtags 

Instagram is not only a social media platform, but a guide to new enticing opportunities; from where to eat, to what clothes to buy and where to travel next, we take to the ‘gram for inspiration.

With that said, decided to have a look at the most ‘Instagrammable’ forests around the world to help you decide on your next picturesque trip.
By collecting the number of hashtags per forest, has identified which one would make the best Instagram-worthy place to visit next.

Which forest around the world is the most Insta famous?

  1. The Black Forest, Germany – #1,489,943
  2. Amazon Rainforest, Brazil – #197,615
  3. Sherwood Forest, England – #142,011
  4. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest/Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan – #83,821
  5. Mossy Forest,Malaysia – #64,564
  6. Atlantic Forest, Brazil – #52,863
  7. Jiuzhaigou Valley, China – #52,774
  8. Sequoia Forest, US – #50,164
  9. Bialowieza Forest, Poland – #50,068.
  10. Olympic National Forest, US – #42,994
  11. Cocora Valley, Colombia – #40,351
  12. Boreal Forest/Tiaga Biome, Canada – #35,792
  13. Redwood National Park, US – #32,268
  14. Great Bear Rainforest, Canada – #25,892
  15. Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica – #16,004
  16. Tongass Forest, Alaska – #15,647
  17. Cevennes National Park, France -#3,642
  18. Hoia-Baciu Forest,Romania – #3,033
  19. Crooked Forest, Poland – #2,040
  20. Hallerbos Forest, Belgium – #1,869

In first place we find Germany’s popular Black Forest, which has gathered a whopping 1,489,943 hashtags on Instagram. This dark, dense forest spoils us with its beauty and diversity. This mountainous terrain is home to many waterfalls and even the Danube River, so it comes to no surprise why it’s so popular.

In second place is the very famous Amazon Rainforest. The world’s biggest rainforest, the Amazon is estimated to have 16,000 tree species and 390 billion individual trees and an impressive fauna, so it’s no surprise that it has garnered 197,615 hashtags.

Home to the legendary Robin Hood, England’s Sherwood Forest comes third with an impressive 142,011 hashtags.
Please refer to the table to see which forests made the top 20.