The Top Sustainable Travel Destinations to Look Out for in 2024

2024 is off to an optimistic start, with so many fantastic initiatives taking place across the travel industry to ensure a more sustainable future

2024 is off to an optimistic start, with so many fantastic initiatives taking place across the travel industry to ensure a more sustainable future. See below for three examples of green efforts around the world, setting an example for sustainable innovation.

Puerto Rico’s hotels are ‘climate-proofing’ tourism for $1 a night


Travellers to Puerto Rico are unlikely to leave the tropical island without paying a visit to El Yunque National Forest, a lush, 11,735 hectares protected area just an hour’s drive from San Juan, and the island’s primary nature attraction. Drawing approximately 1.2 million visits a year, guests marvel at the territory’s stunning waterfalls, hiking trails, over 250 animal species and 240 native tree species. As of November 2023, guests checking into resorts in the El Yunque area have been given the option of including a $1 nightly donation to conserve El Yunque. The funds will go to trusted NGO Fundación Amigos del Yunque, which runs the rainforest’s programmes for community development and conservation. El Yunque accounts for 20% of the island’s water and helps absorb impact from major storms. It also regulates climate conditions, which is important to the health of coral reefs because they are sensitive to changes in sea temperature.

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The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort approaches its one year anniversary with Reefscapers

In March 2024, The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort resort will celebrate one year of its partnership and environmental sustainability project with Reefscapers, the most advanced coral propagation program available to efficiently restore degraded reefs and unproductive sandy sea beds and reef flats. The initiative involves long-term monitoring and maintenance from a resident marine biologist and features guest-oriented activities to support the environmental efforts including snorkelling, marine life education classes for adults and children and opportunities to sponsor coral frames for reef regeneration. Hazel Araujo, Marine Biologist at The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort, says: “I am excited to be part of The St. Regis Maldives coral restoration programme that started this year, as it is a great initiative that contributes to this goal of conservation for the future. Every day I can see how our coral fragments are growing and improving the health in our surrounding reef. Although it takes time, with consistent efforts we are aiming to see in the next few years a bigger and more resilient reef site that is both beneficial for marine biodiversity and creates a beautiful site for everyone that comes to visit. In some way, I believe we really follow the saying ‘Make ocean’s day, every day’”.

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Bermuda’s annual Eat ‘em to Beat ‘em lionfish tournament

Lionfish are relatively small, slow-moving fish but they are aggressive predators. Since local species do not see the lionfish as a threat, and lionfish have no known predators (they have venomous spines which humans need to avoid), the population is growing at an alarming rate and posing a serious threat to local species and ultimately to Bermuda’s coral reef system and marine environment. Bermuda has decided that humans need to become the predator of the lionfish: the annual “Eat ‘em to Beat ‘em,” lionfish tournament aims to cull lionfish by spearing them in large numbers and to show the general public how to safely handle these venomous fish and prepare them for consumption. Last year, The Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS] invited the general public to take part in an Eat’Em to Beat’Em Lionfish Chowder Competition in February at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo. Participating visitors helped to choose the best Lionfish Chowder in Bermuda from 13 competing local restaurants: The Cloud at the Waterfront, The Spot Restaurant & Bar, Island Restaurant Group [IRG], The Loren, Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio, Fairmont Hamilton, Rustico, Take Five Ltd., Docksider’s, Chiko&T’s Restaurant, Rosewood Tuckers Point, Cambridge Beaches and Swizzle Inn.

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