The Top Misconceptions Surrounding Cruise Vacations

A survey of cruise passengers has revealed the main misconceptions about taking a holiday at sea

A survey of cruise passengers has revealed the main misconceptions about taking a holiday at sea. The poll, conducted by cruise specialist, asked 700 respondents to name the biggest cruise myth that still exists.

The most common mistaken belief, cited by 25% of respondents, is that cruises are ‘expensive.’ Those questioned noted there are cruise options to suit every budget, highlighting the affordability and value of cruise getaways.

In second place, 18% of respondents believed that a cruise holiday is ‘only for retired people.’ In contrast, many respondents emphasised that cruises are ideal for people of all ages, offering a diverse range of activities and entertainment for everyone.

The third main myth is ‘seasickness,’ with 13% of respondents mentioning it. Several pointed out that modern ships are equipped with advanced stabilisers, ensuring plain sailing and making queasiness a thing of the past. conducted a similar survey last year, which placed ‘only for retired people’ first. ‘Expensive’ was second with ‘seasickness’ maintaining third.

Overall, 51% of respondents say there are still misconceptions about cruising among the public. This is a significant decrease from last year, when the figure sat at 84%. And the lingering misconceptions are increasingly not a factor in people’s buying decision; 72% said they didn’t consider them when booking their first cruise.

Tony Andrews, managing director of, said: “Our survey has once again uncovered the reality behind cruise misconceptions. Notably, these myths are increasingly becoming a thing of the past, with cruises moving further into the holiday mainstream.

“As our respondents suggest, cruises are unquestionably an affordable option, with everything from meals to children’s clubs and theatre entertainment included in the price. The past 12 months may well have highlighted the increasing importance of cost-effective holiday options, with the incredible value of a sea escape standing out.

“With cruises providing a raft of activities and offerings for all age groups, we’d urge anyone who is yet to dip their toe in the water to give it a try, and not be put off by the same tired myths that may still be doing the rounds.”

Top five misconceptions in 2024
1) It’s expensive – 25%
2) It’s only for the retired – 18%
3) You get seasick – 13%
4) There’s nothing to do onboard – 12%
5) You have to dress up – 12%

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