The top 10 countries with the most travel insurance claims, revealed

New data reveals which countries travellers most often make medical emergency insurance claims in

With even the most seasoned of travellers at risk of becoming unwell or injuring themselves while abroad, the Medical Travel Insurance experts at AllClear have revealed the locations where travellers are making the most medical emergency claims, as well as which countries see the highest value of claims made.

The specialists have also revealed the most common reasons for claims in each country, highlighting the importance of getting the right insurance to cover you for your trip.

Of the top 10 countries with the most medical emergency travel insurance claims, the main reasons for claims are due to injury and fractures – with each featuring in the three topmost reasons for claims in eight of the top ten countries. This is followed by respiratory illnesses (five countries).

The top 10 countries with the most medical emergency travel insurance claims 

  1. Spain 
    Spain is a popular destination for travellers, with current figures putting it as the second most visited country in the world. The high volume of visitors is no doubt why Spain ranks as the country that sees the most travel insurance claims overall. Unexpected medical emergencies in this Mediterranean getaway are most often due to respiratory complications, fractures, or injuries.

    The three most common claims in Spain:

    1. Respiratory
    2. Fracture
    3. Injury


  1. Greece 
    Greece is another of the world’s top 10 most visited countries, with travellers flocking to both the mainland and stunning Aegean islands for sea, sand, and ancient historical value. Travel insurance claims coming from Greece made up the second largest number of medical claims by destination in the past year, with injury claims the most common of all. With plenty of adventure activities and water sports available in the country, along with travellers commonly renting ATVs or motorcycles to get around the islands – travellers to Greece should always ensure their policy covers anything they intend to take part in.

    The three most common claims in Greece: 

    1. Injury
    2. Fracture
    3. Respiratory


  1. Cyprus  
    Wrapping up the top three countries that see the highest number of medical emergency insurance claims is Cyprus. Sunny Cyprus is a popular choice with travellers to Europe, with 300-340 sunny days per year and a stretch of stunning coastline with turquoise waters attracting people all year round. The most common reason for claims in Cyprus is due to respiratory illnesses, which can be exacerbated by things like the drier air, altitude or even travelling by plane. 

    The three most common claims in Cyprus: 

    1. Respiratory
    2. Injury
    3. Ear, Nose and Throat


  1. Turkey 
    Drenched in sunshine, with ancient ruins and Turkish hammam’s aplenty, Turkey is a fantastic option for a getaway. Insurance for Turkey will usually fall under European insurance, even though the country lies partly in Asia, but travellers need to remember that the new GHIC cards for UK citizens are not applicable here, so ensuring you have the right travel insurance in place before you set off is incredibly important for UK travellers.

    The three most common claims in Turkey: 

    1. Fracture
    2. Diarrhoea/Gastroenteritis
    3. Injury


  1. United States of America 
    Finally, the USA is a popular destination for visitors, but with emergency medical care famously some of the most expensive in the world, it’s vital travellers have the correct insurance in place before they land stateside.

    The three most common claims in the USA: 

    1. Respiratory 
    2. Injury
    3. Fracture

The remaining top ten countries with the most travel insurance claims made include Egypt, France, Portugal, Australia, and Thailand, where the top claims vary from diarrhoea and gastroenteritis (in Egypt and Thailand) to fractures (France) and strokes (Australia).

The top 5 countries with the highest average insurance medical emergency claims cost * 



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South Africa


Despite the USA ranking fifth in terms of the total number of claims made, claims made in the country were actually 3.6x the average cost of a travel claim across all countries during 2022/23. This disparity in the number of claims made versus the total value of those claims is likely down to the high medical costs often associated with the American healthcare system. 

The United States is followed by Thailand, where the average claim costs 2.6x more than the average claim incurred by travellers in 2022/23. Tallying up with the fact that Thailand sits in the 10 countries that see the most claims, is the fact that according to Gov.UK, the cost of medical treatment in Thailand is in fact comparable to that of private medical care in Europe.

Canada, Barbados and South Africa all wrap up the top five countries whose travel insurance claims cost the most. The average claims in these countries are 2.2x higher than the average cost of a claim across all countries worldwide, with healthcare in all three on the pricier side, and treatment in Barbados potentially even needing emergency evacuation. 

Letitia Smith, Head of Communications at AllClear comments: “Travelling opens up a world of adventure, but in order to travel responsibly while enjoying your trip to its fullest, it’s essential to make sure you are covered, particularly if you are travelling with medical conditions. By sharing these insights, we hope that it helps give travellers more guidance on choosing the correct policy for them that will allow them to explore the world with confidence.

“While not all the most common illnesses or injuries you can encounter abroad can be avoided, the best approach is always preventative. We recommend making sure you’ve got up to date vaccinations having consulted with your healthcare provider, and ensuring you’ve got comprehensive Medical Travel Insurance should you become ill or injured on your trip.

“By staying informed, prepared, and protected, you can focus on making unforgettable memories on your adventures around the globe.”