The Most Secluded Staycations in the UK

A leading holiday rental marketplace has revealed the most secluded British destinations for those keen to escape civilisation and social distance, as the coronavirus lockdown measures are eased

Travel experts have revealed that Aberdeenshire in Scotland is the best place to visit for those seeking complete social distance, followed by the Highlands and Suffolk. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, the parent group of the marketplace analysed internal data across its holiday brands and discovered Cornwall and Devon are the most popular destinations this Summer.

For those who are looking to holiday in remote areas to social distance now lockdown measures are being eased Aberdeenshire is the most remote place to stay in the UK followed by the Highlands, also in Scotland and Suffolk. Aberdeenshire, located in North East Scotland, is a vast area that only has a population of 261,470 with many of those located in the city of Aberdeen itself.

The top five most remote areas in the UK are: 

  1. Strathdon, Aberdeenshire
  2. Invergarry, the Highlands
  3. Sibton, Suffolk
  4. Tavistock, West Devon
  5. East Meon, East Hampshire

The full list of the UK’s most secluded areas can be found here.

The travel experts considered factors such as population per square mile, urban development, accessibility and distance between settlements in order to determine the most remote destinations in the UK. All locations in the top ten benefit from few main roads or motorways, limited commercial developments such as shopping centres and minimal housing.

Cornwall and Devon are the most popular destinations, with increasing YoY interest in Somerset and Dorset, while the average booking cost across the UK is £947 (a 46% increase on the same date last year).

The most popular month for UK travel in 2020 is July, with more than 50% of bookings made for next month showing just how eager the public is to get away. Forty percent of bookings were made by couples or families, while 58% of bookings were of parties of three or more adults, indicating holidaymakers are looking to use a staycation to reunite with family and friends after more than three months apart.

Across all of its marketplaces it reported an increase of 69% in traffic and 172% in bookings compared with this time last year, in addition to a 400% increase in revenue YoY. Compared to Monday, in anticipation of the PM’s announcement, traffic increased 54% and bookings 119%, while traffic increased by up to 381% at peak hours across the group after Boris Johnson made his announcement.