The Most Popular Christmas Markets According to TikTok

And the UK gets mention! has explored the most popular Christmas markets according to TikTok.

The top five most popular Christmas markets according to TikTok are:

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

In first place, Edinburgh’s Christmas markets ranked as the most popular according to TikTok views. The event’s hashtag, #EdinburghChristmasMarket has received a total of 3.3 million views on the platform. The markets are set to take place between November 19th – January 3rd.

The city’s market is one of the most anticipated events and can therefore get quite busy, stalls include Scottish and German sections, offering plenty of cuisine to visitors.

  1. Strasbourg, France 

Next, Strasbourg ranked as the second most popular Christmas market, the events hashtag, #StrasbourgChristmasMarket has received 526.8k views on TikTok. The markets are set to take place between November 25th – December 26th.

Strasbourg’s markets include activities such as a Christmas walk and light displays meaning there is something for everyone!

  1. Esslingen, Germany 

Ranking third is the Stuttgart Christmas markets which take place in the German town of Esslingen. The event’s hashtag has received 347.4k views on TikTok and is set to take place between November 23rd – December 23rd.

Visitors to the Stuttgart markets are bound to be spoilt for choice with nearly 300 market stalls offering a wide range of snacks and gifts.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

In fourth place, Copenhagen’s Christmas markets received 305.8k views on TikTok thanks to the hashtag, #CopenhagenChristmas. This year, their event is set to take place between November 18th and New Year’s Day.

The Danish capital has so much to offer with events taking place in Tivoli Gardens and Copenhagen Zoo.

  1. Berlin, Germany

Rounding off the top five is the German capital, Berlin. Its Christmas markets received 120.2k views on TikTok with the hashtag #BerlinChristmasMarkets. The markets are set to take place between November 21st – January 1st this year.

Berlin’s markets offer a range of themes including Lucia Christmas Market which is nordic-themed.

Rounding off the top ten, the markets in order were; Prague, Bruges, Budapest, Brussels and Vienna’s Christmas markets.

Speaking on the ranking, Aleksandrs Buraks at said:

‘’With social media platforms influencing trends, we thought it would be useful to analyse the most popular Christmas markets according to TikTok.

‘’It was interesting to see how popular Edinburgh’s markets remain. Overall we hope our ranking has reminded you of some of the best markets in Europe, just in time for the festive season.’’