The Most Extravagant Hotel Rooms in the World

When you stay overnight in a hotel you pay for the comfort and luxury it brings – a home away from home

Now imagine if your hotel room was equipped with the most luxurious interiors and breathtaking landscapes, a space fit for royalty! There are hotel suites all over the world which are worth more than your rent for the next five years and as you can expect, every single penny is worth it.

Whilst the hotel rooms don all the latest gadgets and jewels, you need to remember this lifestyle doesn’t come cheap and those that can afford to stay in these rooms are living a life to match.

To round up the top seven most extravagant hotel rooms in the world which will make your jaws drop, the experts at Naturalmat have done the job. To name a few, they have over 50 rooms in the Duoro Valley Hotel, Portugal containing their natural fibre and spring mattresses and a sleep system in the Mas Salagros Eco Resort, Portugal – they certainly know what makes for a luxury hotel room.

1) The Grand Riad, The Royal Mansour
Where? Marrakech, Morocco
Price? $43,480 per night

The Grand Riad should be your top choice if you feel like living like Moroccan royalty. It has one of the best views of the city which even rivals the Koutoubia Mosque tower. Inside the space has been utilised in the right way: home cinema, personal bar and gym and even your very own spa room. The décor is traditional Moroccan royalty with chic accents that truly make you feel very special as it is truly breathtaking.

2) The Penthouse Suite, Hôtel Martinez
Where? Cannes, France
Price? $53,200 per night

This suite is on the highest floor of Hôtel Martinez and is home to celebrity favourites for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The suite is 1000 square foot which comes equipped with a large private terrace overlooking the glorious views of the sea alongside a king bed, living & dining room.

3) The Palms Empathy Suite, Palms Casino Resort
Where? Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Price? $100,000 a night

This suite is the work of British artist Damien Hirst – it is 9,000 square foot and sleeps 4 people. The breathtaking suite is spread between two stories and overlooks the legendary Vegas Strip. For the price you would expect a lot and so you should – a 24-hour butler service, a private property tour, chaffered car service, A-list access to day and nightclubs, a recording studio and $10k credit to spend on site. Also it’s wise to take note there is a two-night minimum stay!

4) The Muraka, The Conrad Maldives
Where? Maldives, South Asia
Price? $50,000 a night

The Muraka suite is the world’s first underwater hotel suite but there is a four-night minimum stay required – but you would never want to leave! The suite is two stories tall with the underwater part being 16 feet below the Indian ocean. For $50k a night you will enjoy a private chef, butler, boat, bar, gym and your very own infinity pool. Plus by staying here you will be upgraded automatically to the Hilton Diamond status.

5) The Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President
Where? Geneva, Switzerland
Price? $85,000 a night

The Royal Penthouse Suite is across the entire 8th floor and overlooks the best setting of them all – Lake Geneva. The suite holds the name of being the largest in Europe. The penthouse fits 1680 square metres with a jacuzzi facing the lake, a billiard table, a grand piano, a telescope for stargazing, a terrace, 12 bedrooms and at 103 inches – one of the world’s biggest TV screens. Previous guests include Rihanna, Matt Damon and Saudi royalty.

6) Villa Bulgari, BVLGARI Resort and Residences
Where? Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Price? $42,000

BVLGARI is located on its own private, man-made island. With a magnificent white sand beach exterior, the resort can be accessed by a 300-metre bridge from the mainland. The resort is home to a European-style design from architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. The Villa Bulgari is a three-bedroom, 1000 square metres villa with a private beach, personal security guard, an oval pool, indoor jacuzzi, home cinema, private gym and a hammam.

7) The Apartment, London Connaught
Where? London, United Kingdom
Price? £17,000

Guests who stay over at the London Connaught in The Apartment will be immersed into the culture that is on offer. The suite resembles Mayfair vibes and was designed by David Collins. It contains commissioned artworks, limited edition books and beautiful white and blue interiors. You can also get your dinner cooked by Helene Darroze and serviced by the impeccable Connaught butlers.