The Insiders Guide to Tokyo – The 3 Best Walking Spots around Tokyo

As recommended by Naomi Kikuchi, a server at the Japanese restaurant Suiren in The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

Whilst staying indoors, looking ahead to the future and thinking of places you’d like to visit is a great way to stay positive. Japan, a country on so many peoples bucket lists, is teeming with amazing experiences and hidden gems. We’re here to inspire you with the best things/places recommended by the leading luxurious hotel in Tokyo, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu.

“The Capitol Tokyu Tips – The Insiders Guide to Tokyo” will offer authentic Japanese insight into where is the best to visit, away from mass tourism and into the best secret spots. Next time you visit Tokyo, you’ll be able to explore the culture as recommended by the local people.

These suggestions have been put together and endorsed by Naomi Kikuchi, a server at the Japanese restaurant Suiren in The Capitol Hotel Tokyu.

Naomi has worked at Suiren, the signature authentic Japanese restaurant at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, for four years as a server and wears a beautiful Kimono as a reflection of the restaurant’s ethos. Ever since she watched a Japanese drama about hotel workers when she was young, she has dreamed of working in the hotel industry.

Nobody can question that Tokyo is one of the world’s greatest cities to visit. However, many people can struggle to imagine any aspects of nature in the city. For the people who love to spend time with nature, here are local recommendations you must visit in Tokyo, often called the hidden metropolitan jungle of Japan!

Naomi Kikuchi, a server at the Japanese restaurant Suiren in The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, introduces you to the best walking trails around Tokyo.

  1. Chidorigafuchi – Kudan-shita, Tokyo: A 30 minutes walk from The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, you’ll find the beautiful Imperial Palace and Chidorigafuchi is one of the parks located northwest of the amazing building.  Known as the best place to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, Chidorigafuchi is an oasis in the busy city for walking around.
  2. Showa Commemorative National Government Park – Tachikawa, Tokyo: As the fifth biggest park in Japan, this park is so vast that you will struggle to explore the whole grounds in a day. Not only featuring beautiful flower gardens,the park also has a pool, barbecue area, bonsai garden and Japanese classic garden where you can enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony. With various flowers and impressive scenes changing each season, it’s the best place to have a picnic and take pictures. If you would like to feel refreshed and relaxed to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, this is the place you should visit.
  3. Ueno Park – Ueno, Tokyo: Ueno Park is a large park in Ueno, east Tokyo, with a big zoo which is popular for its pandas and national art and history museums. As one of the famous parks in Tokyo, it is located next to the Ueno station which is very crowded as it has access to bullet trains, overground and underground trains. Boating is heavily encouraged in this park as a relaxing retreat. Compared to other areas close to the station, the boating area is very calm and hidden. The colorful swan boats will give you unforgettable experiences.
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