The Capitol Tokyu Tips – The Insiders Guide to Tokyo

Three Great Day Trip Destinations Outside Tokyo, recommended by Hideomi Asahi, supervisor of the club lounge SaRyoh at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

Three Great Day Trip Destinations Outside Tokyo, recommended by Hideomi Asahi, supervisor of the club lounge SaRyoh at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu.

If you’re visiting Tokyo as the main destination on your trip to Japan, you’ll certainly enjoy the famous districts that Tokyo has to offer, such as Ginza and Shibuya. However, you may not know that there are some incredible destinations to be explored just outside Tokyo. In fact, it’s very easy to visit neighboring areas from Tokyo by train or bus, even just for a day trip.

  1. Suwa, Nagano – Around two hours from Shinjuku by express train, Suwa city is located in Nagano Prefecture in the central region of Japan. The town is filled with rich history, welcoming guests with its famous Takashima Castle, as well as Lake Suwa and many onsen (meaning hot spring). If you love Japanese Sake, this is the city for you as it’s overflowing with local breweries. Japanese history, onsen, Sake… Suwa has so many unmissable Japanese attractions that you might not find in Tokyo.
  2. Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata – Echigo Yuzawa is best-known as one of the more popular ski resorts in Japan, just 1.5 hours from Tokyo by bullet train, but it’s also loved for its hot springs. As soon as you alight the train, you’ll find the authentic onsen town at the foot of the mountains before you – Hideomi recommends the Takahira onsen as it’s his favourite hot spring spa to visit. The lifts which are used during ski season are also available in the summer to take you to the stunning views atop of the mountain. Surrounded by the mountains and an abundance of greenery Echigo Yuzawa certainly isn’t short of nature activities to enjoy.
  3. Yonezawa, Yamagata – You’ll certainly enjoy Japanese cuisine even if you’re not a foodie, but if sampling the Japanese delicacies is paramount to your trip, why not explore the local dishes in Yonezawa! Located two hours north of Tokyo by bullet train, this city has a rich history as it’s a castle town, and very popular for ‘Yonezawa-beef’, one of the best wagyu beef brands in Japan. Yonezawa-beef is expensive for a big dinner, but if you want to try affordable Yonezawa-beef, Hideomi recommends the restaurant Meatpia in Yonezawa. It’s owned by a local butcher, which means you can eat great quality, delicious wagyu at a reasonable price.


The Capitol Tokyu Tips – The Insiders Guide to Tokyo – While staying indoors, looking ahead to the future and planning destinations you’d like to visit is a great way to stay positive. Japan, a country on so many people’s bucket lists, is teeming with amazing experiences and hidden gems. We’re here to inspire you with the best activities and places recommended by the leading luxury hotel in Tokyo, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu.

“The Capitol Tokyu Tips – The insider’s guide to Tokyo” will offer authentic Japanese insight into where is best to visit, away from mass tourism and into the best secret spots. Next time you visit Tokyo, you’ll be able to explore the culture as recommended by local people.

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