The Best Winter Sun Workation Destinations Worldwide

Where Work Becomes Pleasure: The Sunniest Winter Workation Destinations Around the World

Winter is here, which also means that the days are shorter again and temperatures are dropping. For many, the dreary weather and the early darkness make feeling motivated very difficult. Those who have the privilege of only needing a laptop for work can, in principle, work from anywhere – provided their employer authorises it. The so-called “workation” has become increasingly established, especially in times of coronavirus, and is now a popular working model that combines holidays and work. So, if you want to swap office walls and desks for sandy beaches and the sea, you can find inspiration in the following ranking. 

Holidu, the holiday rental portal, has conducted a study to find out which cities in the world are best suited for a winter stay in the sun. Various factors such as climate, co-working spaces, cost of living and many more were analysed.

Top 3 Cities in Europe 

  1. Valencia – Spain 

In Europe, the first place position belongs to Valencia. The average temperature of 12.2 degrees might not be extremely high, but with an average of 250 sun hours each month between December and March, Valencia is still more than a suitable option for anyone in need of some Vitamin D. The city combines modern and historical elements on a sun-drenched coastline. If you decide to relocate to Valencia for a while, you can look forward to Spanish culture and Mediterranean flair. Whether it’s a stroll through the vibrant streets, eating a paella in one of the many restaurants or in one of the local markets such as the Mercado Central. Digital nomads have the opportunity to work from 42 different co-working spaces. After work, you can reward yourself with a beer for around two euros. Who wouldn’t want to swap their office walls for that? 

Sun hours: 250 

Avg temperature: 12.2ºC 

Coffee: €1.76 

  1. Barcelona – Spain 

Another city in Spain takes second place. Explore Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, which soaks up 246 hours of sunshine in the winter months and enjoys an average temperature of 11.2°C. Visitors can expect a city full of contrasts with an impressive old town and modern buildings that blend harmoniously into the cityscape. Barcelona scores particularly highly with its extensive selection of co-working spaces – more than 190 locations make it possible to work on-site if you don’t have a permanent office. Visitors also have plenty of culinary options: pa amb tomàquet, calçots and crema catalana are just a few of the local delicacies. An after-work beer is available for around three euros. 

Sun hours: 246 

Avg temperature: 11.2ºC 

Coffee: €2.23 

  1. Lisbon – Portugal 

Lisbon takes the bronze medal in the ranking. For all those who want to escape the cold weather, Portugal’s capital is the perfect destination. The average temperature between December and March is a pleasant 13.1°C, while the sunshine duration is 192 hours. But working from there is also a pleasure, as there are 113 co-working spaces in Lisbon and the average internet speed is 114 Mbps. After work or at weekends, the following beaches are recommended: Praia do Castelo, Praia da Riviera and Praia Nova – all located on the Costa da Caparica. But there is also plenty to see in the city centre, such as the Museu do Fado or the Museu Nacional. A simple stroll through the pretty alleyways is just as much fun, but you should be aware of the hilly nature of Lisbon. 

Sun hours: 192

Avg temperature: 13.1ºC 

Coffee: €1.87 

Who rounds off the top 10 in Europe? 

  1. Madrid, Spain 
  2. Porto, Portugal 
  3. Malaga, Spain 
  4. Faro, Portugal 
  5. Seville, Spain 
  6. Palma de Mallorca, Spain 
  7. Split, Croatia 

Top 3 Cities in the World 

  1. Bangkok, Thailand 

The gold medal in the global ranking goes to Bangkok! Bangkok remains undefeated, having also been crowned our 2021 Best City in the World for a Workation. With an average temperature of 28.3°C between the months of December and March, it is no big surprise to see this city in first place for this winter sun ranking. Thailand’s capital has more than 160 co-working offices, which are particularly suitable for remote workers. The favourable cost of living in Bangkok is remarkable. For a three-month stay, you can expect to pay a little less than 1,300 euros. After work, the bustling markets are a must, with countless cookshops serving delicious and inexpensive food. On days off, the imposing temples are particularly worth a visit, as are the floating markets where there is plenty of food. 

Sun hours: 280 

Avg temperature: 28.3ºC 

Coffee: €2.20 

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Hot on the heels of Bangkok is Buenos Aires. Argentina’s capital is considered an important financial and cultural centre of the country, which also makes it popular with remote workers. In 2005, Buenos Aires earned the title of “City of Design” by UNESCO. Historical buildings worth seeing include the former city hall, the cathedral and the old congress hall. The cost of living here is also relatively affordable at around 1,500 euros for three months. In addition, there are 272 hours of sunshine from December to March and a pleasant average temperature of 23°C. If you are looking for a local office, there are almost 90 co-working spaces to choose from. 

Sun hours: 272 

Avg temperature: 23ºC

Coffee: €1.44 

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand 

In third place is another city in Thailand: Chiang Mai. Located in the north of the country, the city is the largest in the region and the second largest in Thailand and is particularly popular for workations. This is partly due to the low cost of living (around 929 euros for three months) that remote workers from abroad can expect here. Surrounded by green landscapes and ancient monuments, Chiang Mai offers the ideal balance between work and leisure, as well as an average of 308 hours of monthly sunshine during winter. If the time difference makes you tired, coffee is available for less than 1.50 euros a cup. 

Sun hours: 307 

Avg temperature: 24.7ºC 

Coffee: €1.39 

Which cities round off the top 10 in the world? 

  1. New Delhi, India 
  2. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 
  3. Mumbai, India 
  4. Lima, Peru 
  5. Mexico City, Mexico 
  6. Cape Town, South Africa 
  7. Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)