Tackle the Vulcano in Tenerife with NI Travel News’ Sarah Pickering!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, SARAH PICKERING and her partner were eager and waiting to get back on the road and back to exploring the world, especially after the past year. They spontaneously booked a week long trip to the sunny Canary Islands and decided to reside in Southern Tenerife for the duration. After multiple cancellations and rebookings, they made it out to the island on 29th August where they stayed for the week and took on multiple activities, one of which being Siam Park...

On day 4 of our trip, it was an early rise as we were off and out as we headed North to Siam Park. Siam Park is Europe’s largest waterpark and it has been voted best waterpark in the world for 7 years in a row! The park has free transfers running from different hotels throughout the day with all areas of the south covered as it leaves you directly outside of the park. To avail of this, you must book your ticket on the parks website in advance to gain access to the bus and your seat must been booked in advance.

Since we had not made it as far up to the Costa Adeje region, we decided to take the walk to the park, to fully see what the area had to offer. The 25 minute walk was mainly uphill as we weaved through the residential areas located below the park. The lovely walk finished at the impressive Thai- themed gates of Siam Park! The Thai-theme runs throughout the park after it was granted permission before opening to do so; The park itself was opened by the Princess of Thailand Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, and houses the most Thai-themed buildings in the world, next to Thailand of course. We arrived around noon to start our water park adventure under the hot sun of the Canary islands. The water, which is a cool 25 degrees all year round, helps to settle thrill-seekers in and the park sits high above the shore line, giving a bit of shelter. The entire park has a one way system around which leads all visitors around every ride, therefore visitors can be confident in knowing they will not miss out on any rides.

The park was busy with queues at most rides however this we seen as a good sign that life was opening back up and it was great to see the park thriving after the height of the pandemic. Due to the increase in people, we did have access to fast track ticket passes; these tickets allowed us to virtually jump to the top of the queue for every ride making our time at Siam Park well organised and ensured we were able to visit everything on the day.

We started out on the Mai Thai river, a lazy river running throughout the entirety of the park and is in fact the longest lazy river in the world. All rides, apart from two, require an inflated dinghy which is at every water slide; dinghies can be got in ones, twos and threes and all rides can be used with a two person dinghy. The lazy river whined slow, yet steadily, throughout the park with waterfalls and rapids included in different parts of the ride. Towards the middle of the journey, a slip path to a conveyor belt can be accessed which takes participants to a higher level and then onto a slide which was totally unexpected. The river also passes through an underwater tunnel, where participants using the Tower of Terror also pass through above.

After this we made our way around the park passing amusements such as the Lost City where children of all ages can enjoy a play park set up within a shallow pool. Also included within the park is a new children’s wave pool which was installed at the kids artificial Coco beach, a replica of the adult wave pool further around the park.

Our second stop around the park was at the Naga Racer, a quick paced 6 slide adventure where individuals can race one another as they plummet down the slide on their fronts on a mat. The shallow pool of water at the end meets your face as you dive head first into the flattened pool of water which gives you a taste of whats to come further throughout the park.

Heading around from here we stopped at the Jungle Snake attraction- this attraction is made up of 4 different slides, all of which follow the natural terrain of the park. With open areas and dark zones throughout the slide, this made for a quick rush of adrenaline, all whilst being suitable for all the family. We visited the 4 slides with the cobra being our favourite!

The Dragon was up next which we were looking forward to. The vertical bowl with the dragon on top is a sight hard to miss in the park and stands out as it shelters beside the Tower of Horror. The slide takes you on a trip through darkness and then out into the open air as you take to the vertical bowl; The sensation is next to none as you fly up the side of the bowl and then into the small opening of the slide once more. The Vulcano, which is the Dragons next door neighbour, was also an exhilarating slide as you slid through the darkness in the four leaf clover seat. The amazing laser light show throughout just adds to the excitement and unknowing within the slide, before entering the warm water at the end of the slide.
We made our way to the right side of the park where the rapid rides were located. We opted to try out the Patong Rapids which has a unique large solid dinghy for up to 4 people to experience the ride together.

This slide takes you through twists and turns quickly as you’re given views of the Atlantic Ocean from a height. Once again you’re plummeted into the dark slide tunnel once more and exit into the pool of water awaiting below.

By this time we had been in the park for around 3 and a half hours. Between the rides and the sights such as the carpe fish, black swan and sea-lions, we found ourselves filling the time quickly as we made our way around. Whilst over at this side of the park, we checked out the Bodhi trail, which takes visitors through a pathed walkway which is overlooked by sprinklers and a fountain like structure. The trail takes park attenders to Coco Beach, the recently installed children’s artificial beach and wave pool; Here you will find a fully equipped beach with sand and sun-beds with covers to shelter from the hot sun. The area also has a bar and cafe providing the perfect area to rest and relax with little ones. The Wave Palace was our next stop as we too wanted to relax and chill after the exciting slides. The artificial beach is much larger than Coco Beach and has a sports bar on location, along with multiple eateries and toilets. We helped ourselves to a sun lounger and set up camp with a few drinks to cool off after all the walking. No longer than 10 minutes later there was a large boom and lots of excited screams came from the pool located on the beach; A large wave came rolling towards the people who jumped, dived and swam to it. From then, we ended up in the wave pool for about two hours and this ended up being our favourite part of the entire day!

Knowing we left the three most exhilarating rides to the last, we mentally prepared ourselves as we made our way to the right of the the park one final time. Singha, named after the beer, was one of the slides with a difficulty level of red which strikes fear into anyone before boarding the two person dinghy. The newest attraction to Siam Park is a ride which reaches speeds never seen in a waterpark before. The slide tosses and turns as it changes direction up to 14 times shooting a boost of adrenaline as you come in and out of the open due to the three open funnels and open drops.

After recuperating from this mad experience, we believe we left the best slide to last. The Kinnaree slide causes lots of interest as you can hear people screaming from all parts of the park so of course we couldn’t miss out on this ride. Once again, we entered into the four leaf clover dinghy and hurdled through dips and dark slides until finally approaching the tornado wave in the middle of the slide- the feeling of exiting the dark slide and then straight up into the air of the large tornado wave is scary, yet exciting all at the same time.The dropping feeling in your stomach comes multiple times as you drop back and fourth until coming to a slowed off steady pace to enter back into the slide before exiting.

Unfortunately, neither of us were brave enough to face the dreaded Tower of Terror so that one is left a mystery for anyone brave enough to give it a go. The essentially vertical drop sees adrenaline junkies shoot down the slide and super fast speeds and enter through the water tunnel where fish, sharks and stingrays are located. We opted for the balcony view above the tunnel to watch those much braver than us.

You can book tickets to visit Siam Park and plan your visit here.