Swap The Office For Sun and Sea

As countries ease their visa approaches, more dreamers are making their career switch a reality

People dreaming of a new life working abroad in 2022 could get their new career underway easier than they think thanks to visa changes in some of Europe’s most popular destinations. Making it easier when jetting from location to location.

The option to become a ‘digital nomad’ – someone who lives on the go, travelling from country to country, working from wherever they please – is now emerging as a realistic prospect for many people. 

The opportunities to teach remotely online or in a classroom environment have became more popular since coronavirus attracting a new wave of people into teaching. The TEFL Org who are a firm who focus on teaching english as a foreign language, offer prospects to teach abroad in a range of different countries. 

David Foster, US Marketing Executive with The TEFL Org, said: “It’s brilliant to see countries likeSpain, Greece, Croatia and many more start to offer more simplified regulations for digital nomads.

“We’re seeing a huge influx in people approaching us to learn how to teach English as a foreign language to springboard their life of travel and culture while earning on the go.”