Sock and Sandal Combo Went Out with Moses… Literally!

Top 10 holiday fashion disasters according to UK holidaymakers

Wearing socks with sandals tops holiday fashion disasters according to 2000 UK holidaymakers surveyed.

The Opinium survey, on behalf of, a leading provider of car hire excess insurance, asked holidaymakers for their holiday fashion faux pas, with a third (33%) saying socks and sandals, followed by thong bikini bottoms (30%) and t-shirts with corny or offensive slogans (27%).

Almost a quarter (23%) dislike seeing fellow holidaymakers in patriotic clothing, like a national sports top, while tight swimming trunks are loathed equally by over a fifth (22%) of men and women.

The survey finds that women are much more likely to dislike thong bikinis (43% women v 18% men), overly revealing clothing (28% women v 10% men) and high heels with swimsuits (21% women v 13% men), while men are more put off by football shirts (16% women v 22% men) and clothes that reveal tattoos (5% women v 12% men).

Overall, the top 10 holiday fashion dislikes are:

  1.  Socks and sandals (33%)
  2. Thong bikini bottoms (30%)
  3.  T-shirts with corny or offensive slogans (27%)
  4. Patriotic clothing like national sports tops etc. (23%)
  5. Tight swimming trunks (22%)
  6. Overly revealing clothing (19%)
  7. Football shirts (19%)
  8. High heels with swimsuits / bikinis (17%)
  9.  Bum bags (9%)
  10. Clothes that reveal tattoos (8%)

Ernesto Suarez, founder and CEO of said: “Everyone has different opinions on what (or not) to wear on holiday, but what our survey has revealed is that there’s no single universal ‘fashion truth’ when it comes to holiday style. The main thing to remember is that going on holiday is about relaxing and feeling comfortable, so if your sandals are chaffing and you want to style it out with a pair of socks by the pool then go for it, just don’t forget to take them off before having a dip.”